Norman Horns

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

As a medical doctor and pathologist, I have maintained an interest in integrative patient care and the important role of chiropractic in integrative care. Integrative care is best defined as bringing the most appropriate healthcare providers together to effectively treat an individual patient’s problem. The field of pathology relates and integrates the other basic biologic sciences to the clinical presentation of the patient who the doctor sees.

My teaching career at Northwestern follows a long hospital pathology practice career. In the field of pathology, my main interests have been surgical pathology, clinical chemistry, the biology of inflammation and immunology. While teaching at Northwestern, I have taught the pathologic basis of the relationship between the synovial membrane and the subluxation complex. The courses that I teach help prepare our chiropractic graduates to be portal of entry doctors as well as manual therapy specialists. 

The teaching of chiropractic students has been a very rewarding career change for me. I have also been able to help promote the relationship of Northwestern with the medical community in various ways.


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