Michael Egan

alumnus michael egan

I learned the heart of Chinese medicine, a wonderful way of looking at human life.

About Michael Egan’s practice

Performance Acupuncture, LLC
2720 West 43rd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Phone: 612-743-0397
Email: info@performanceacupuncture.net
Website: www.performanceacupuncture.net

Once an actor living in Los Angeles, Michael Egan decided he wanted to help people in a deeper way than just making them laugh. He learned about acupuncture after receiving several treatments for tennis elbow. The more he learned about acupuncture, the more he wanted to learn.

Michael enrolled in the College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at Northwestern because of the integration of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine. “We live in a country that uses both disciplines, so we must learn to blend the two in order to treat our patients effectively.”

The professors at Northwestern had a great impact on Michael. “I learned the heart of Chinese medicine – a wonderful way of looking at human life, how we relate to the environment, and how the environment relates to us.”

Michael also really appreciated Northwestern’s professional educational environment for students. “The school presents itself in a professional way and strives to make sure that students have the knowledge and tools necessary to become professional in their own practices.”

After graduating in 2008, Michael opened a private practice in Minneapolis where he primarily treats athletes and performers. “I see a lot of patients with sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain.”

Michael would encourage others to enroll in the acupuncture and Oriental medicine program. “Enrolling in the program is a challenging, rewarding and amazing journey that will change your life.”

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