Extraordinary Clinical Experience

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In your clinical internships you help solve the healthcare problems of real people with real needs. Beginning in your second trimester, your clinical experiences are interwoven with your classroom learning. Your clinical internships are where you come to life as a practitioner.

Northwestern's exceptional approach enables you to work with patients:

  • Who’ve never had access to acupuncture
  • In clinical settings where acupuncturists have never before been available
  • With conditions that have not been typically treated with acupuncture

Northwestern's clinical training experiences

Inpatient care

Abbott Northwestern Hospital – Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

  • Train to deliver acupuncture in an acute care setting
  • Treat patients in all stages of health in most departments (oncology, surgery, birthing, etc.)
  • Train in leading edge centers of excellence including:
    • Minneapolis Heart Institute®
    • Sister Kenny® Rehabilitation Institute
    • Virginia Piper Cancer Institute

University of Minnesota – Fairview Hospital

  • Work with obstetrics and gynecological patients
  • Treat postpartum and post surgical conditions with acupuncture

Woodwinds Hospital

  • Train in a pioneering patient-centered environment focusing on compassionate caregiving
  • Learn in one of the most truly integrative experiences in our program
  • Deliver acupuncture to treat health conditions such as:
    • Acute and chronic pain in the emergency room
    • Nausea and vomiting associated with surgery or chemotherapy
    • Post-surgery restoration of bowel and bladder function 
    • Pain after bone marrow transplants

Inpatient rehabilitation

Courage-Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

  • Help patients restore function following stroke, spinal cord injury and brain injury
  • Gain hands-on experience in special acupuncture procedures for treating paralytic disorders
  • Work alongside doctors, nurses and other rehabilitation professionals in integrative medical setting

Community health

Aliveness Project

  • Train in a nonprofit HIV/AIDS service agency focused on patient self-empowerment
  • Use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat AIDS complications including fatigue, insomnia, skin infections, gastrointestinal diseases, urogenital conditions and peripheral neuropathy
  • Help patients in their daily struggle with a life-threatening disease

Pillsbury House Integrated Health Clinic

  • Serve patients in a nonprofit agency addressing social and economic inequalities
  • Treat conditions including musculoskeletal pain, diabetes, digestive and gynecological issues
  • Provide acupuncture in collaboration with medical, chiropractic and nursing students

Salvation Army Harbor Light Natural Care Center

  • Treat patients who are homeless, low-income and chemically dependent, in a nonprofit center 
  • Provide care to patients with a wide range of clinical problems and socioeconomic challenges
  • Work with patients who otherwise don’t have access to acupuncture

Long-term and rehabilitative care

Volunteers of America - Edina Care and Rehabilitation Center

  • Provide acupuncture treatment to geriatric patients
  • Focus treatments on musculoskeletal problems, insomnia, anxiety and depression
  • Work with patients that acupuncturists will increasingly encounter as our population ages

Northwestern clinics

Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington

  • Learn in the primary clinical training site for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine
  • Get the opportunity to train with herbalists who fill prescriptions in our herbal dispensary
  • Receive advanced levels of training in Chinese herbal medicine

University Health Services (UHS) - De Rusha Clinic

  • Study in an acute care clinic for Northwestern students, employees and their families
  • Experience the beginning of your internship process in the UHS - De Rusha Clinic
  • Learn the basics of patient interaction, interviewing, diagnostic and needling skills

International training opportunity

Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Experience clinical observation in the largest traditional Chinese medicine hospital in the world
  • Observe traditional Chinese medicine as practiced in China
  • Learn advanced acupuncture techniques and Tai ji from Chinese masters
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