Teri Powers

Teri Powers
College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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Currently Teaching (2013-2014)

After many years in business management and motivated with a desire for more meaningful work, I returned to college to attain a MTOM and DAOM in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I established a successful private practice, and it was during this time that a mentor encouraged me to use my talents to forward educational development in the field of TCM.

I am honored by the opportunity to influence the education of students who have chosen to become healers, with a commitment to reduce the pain and suffering of others in our world. My purpose is to help guide each of our students to success in this lofty calling.

As dean, I believe it is important to encourage and support the development of a collaborative community culture, with clear educational goals, processes, structures, and resources that allow educational change to flourish. I encourage effective change through a continuing process of renewal that is driven by a commitment to excellence.

I believe at the foundation of effective leadership is personal integrity. My actions serve as an example for others and are based upon integrity, respect, accountability, collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. I am accountable - I respect individuality and the self-worth of all. While I lead by personal example, I am committed to the educational vision, leadership and mission of Northwestern.

My philosophy of leadership is best summarized in this quote:

“What distinguishes effective instructional leaders from others is not a distinctive set of characteristics but an approach to their work that is guided by a distinctive set of beliefs about what is possible.” (Krug, 1992)


  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - Emperor's College, 2006


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