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Minnetonka, MN

Interesting facts about me

Morning person, coffee snob, knitter, jogger, amateur artist  and writer, yoga devotee, novice gardener, dog person/all around animal lover, culinary rebel. Twin Cities born and bred.

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    My favorite thing about working at Northwestern

    Through my career as a soldier in the U.S. Army and having been an athlete my entire life, I know firsthand the benefits our students are able to offer their clients. I also understand the value of quality health care and the importance of chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy.

    I get the same thrill explaining why Northwestern is a great fit for prospective students as I did jumping out of a plane when I was a paratrooper.

    Before working at Northwestern

    I grew up playing baseball in sandlots, tennis on hard courts with my godfather, and played basketball and volleyball while enlisted in the army. Because of these experiences in both individual and team sports, I understand the importance of hard work, discipline and attitude.

    My life outside Northwestern

    Along with my wife and children, we live an active, sports-filled life. I also enjoy reading, singing, my wife's cooking and spending quality time with my kids.

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My favorite thing about working at Northwestern

Our students are so inspiring. I hear the personal stories about how they came to pursue their educational and professional goals at Northwestern - and have the unique opportunity to get to know them and watch them succeed as clinical interns firsthand. It is incredibly rewarding.

Having a direct connection to students and having the opportunity to support them in pursuit of their dreams and goals makes all of my work incredibly gratifying. On top of that, our admissions team is an amazing, positive, hard-working, dedicated group that I have a blast working with. I also enjoy the challenge of continual development and improvement that working in the Office of Admissions offers. I am lucky enough to be able to honestly say, “I love my job!”

Before working at Northwestern

I come to admissions with a wealth of experience at three previous institutions of higher education, including serving as Assistant Registrar and Academic Program Coordinator. Having earned a B.F.A. in studio art from the University of Minnesota Duluth prior to entering the work force, these positions afforded opportunities for me to further hone my creative problem-solving skills as well as fine tune the valuable aspects of the “Type A” side of my personality.

My life outside Northwestern

I love to travel, soak up family time, disregard exact measurements in cooking, and eat good dark chocolate.

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