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St. Paul, MN

Interesting facts about me

Outdoors fanatic. Devoted mother of one. Chef connoisseur specializing in anything and everything jalapeño. Lifelong avid night time dreamer. Once upon a time bass clarinet player who wishes she would've continued through college.

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    My favorite thing about working at Northwestern

    Through my career as a soldier in the U.S. Army and having been an athlete my entire life, I know firsthand the benefits our students are able to offer their clients. I also understand the value of quality health care and the importance of chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy.

    I get the same thrill explaining why Northwestern is a great fit for prospective students as I did jumping out of a plane when I was a paratrooper.

    Before working at Northwestern

    I grew up playing baseball in sandlots, tennis on hard courts with my godfather, and played basketball and volleyball while enlisted in the army. Because of these experiences in both individual and team sports, I understand the importance of hard work, discipline and attitude.

    My life outside Northwestern

    Along with my wife and children, we live an active, sports-filled life. I also enjoy reading, singing, my wife's cooking and spending quality time with my kids.

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My favorite thing about working at Northwestern

I believe deeply in higher education. At Northwestern, I have the opportunity and privilege to actively participate in a community of engaged people. I have also always had a deep respect for natural medicine and rely on it for my own personal healing. Being in an environment with students, faculty and staff who believe and respect the impact this has on one's body and mind is inspiring.

Before working at Northwestern

I was a psychology and Spanish double major at Augsburg College and spent my four years there involved in several things, including playing volleyball and softball and participating in study abroad programs traveling to Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.

I stumbled into a role as an admissions counselor at Augsburg the summer after I graduated and knew immediately that I was on the right track. I had the opportunity to move into a variety of roles including transfer recruitment, marketing initiatives, intercultural development work, as well as developing an international recruitment plan. During this time, I enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education program and completed my MAE in 2006 with an emphasis in international education.

My life outside Northwestern

I am the parent to a pretty funky young person who keeps me on my toes all the time - that is where you will find me most often. Any time I can get outdoors, I will be there - whether it's going for a run or a bike ride, mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow. Being in the fresh air revitalizes my mind and soul.

I will often be listening to music, and family and friends are the people I cherish deeply and spend as much time as I can with.

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