Tuition and Fees (estimated) - Massage Therapy Program

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2015/2016 Tuition


Per credit hour $391.90

Other Fees:

Application Processing Fee (to accompany application) $50
Background Check Fee (one-time) $20
University Fee (per trimester) $190
Student Activity Fee (per trimester) $65
Parking Permit (one-time) $10
Graduation Fee (paid in last term of study) $100
Required Books and Supplies*
(estimated total: Day T1-T3/Evening T1-T4)

*Books and Supplies (estimated)

Costs are calculated assuming that students purchase all required books and supplies. Some texts are used in multiple courses. The one-time purchase of a treatment table is required in T2 (day schedule) or T3 (evening schedule), a cost of at least $525. Check with the University Bookstore for more details.

$410 $610 $81


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