Alumni House

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Northwestern offers our alumni the opportunity to enjoy a “home away from home” for University-related meetings or activities.

Conveniently located right across from the University, the fully-furnished Alumni House is an inviting place to:

  • Interview students for prospective job opportunities
  • Reserve if you are accompanying a prospective student to visit the school
  • Stay if you are visiting a current student
  • Make arrangements for special situations - just ask us

Reserving the Alumni House

  1. Call for availability 952/800-888-4777 ext. 106
  2. Fill out the Alumni House Reservation Form‌ (pdf)
  3. Once your reservation is confirmed, we will notify you
  4. The number of reservations, for individuals or groups, is limited to three times per year

In the event of unexpected University business, we reserve the right to cancel a reservation. You will receive advanced notice of least ten days to allow adequate time to make other arrangements.

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