Depending on your qualifications, you may receive care based on a sliding fee scale or you can submit through your insurance. You are also welcome to apply through our financial hardship program. For details, contact us at 952-885-5444.


We are in-network providers for most insurance plans. The fees for services will be based on the treatment plan decided by you and your doctor.

Insurance and payment information

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Your insurance plan may provide coverage for acupuncture services. Your healthcare provider may prescribe herbal formulas, not covered by insurance, to accompany your treatment plan. The length of your follow-up visits will be decided by you and your provider.

First session: $100.00
Follow-up sessions: $70.00 each

Insurance and payment information 

Massage therapy

The fees for all massage therapy services are based on the length of your session.

Relaxation Technique

Relaxation technique has the intent of relaxation and general wellbeing. Methods may include reflexology and/or Swedish, pregnancy, infant or geriatric massage.

30 mins: $40.00
45 mins: $60.00
60 mins: $80.00
90 mins: $120.00

Clinical or Advanced Technique

Clinical or Advanced Technique incorporates massage therapy methods with clinical intent that require advanced training and highly skilled techniques. They are used to meet patient's individual needs and are related to a condition, injury and/or symptom. Techniques may include manual lymph drainage, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial relase, cranioscacral therapy and/or reflexology.

15 mins: $25.00
30 mins: $50.00
45 mins: $75.00
60 mins: $100.00
90 mins: $150.00

For further information, contact:

Northwestern Health Clinic - Bloomington

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