The purpose of this course is to explore the relation of spirit to the mind and body leading to the need to regularly exercise all three for promoting health. The focus is to learn and apply stress reduction techniques including meditation and chi gong exercises. Meditation has been practiced since ancient times and is now catching on worldwide as a means to reduce stress or to help with pain caused by various illnesses. Students will engage in both experiential and intellectual learning. They will practice and apply stress-reduction techniques through "mindfulness" - the steady, intentional gathering of nonjudgmental awareness into the present moment in various activities. Techniques will be discussed and demonstrated leading to individual development and presentation with the purpose of being able to use them with patients. In addition, students will be able to use effective mindfulness techniques to enhance clinical skills and become more mindful in both personal and professional situations. The physiology of belief will be presented and the influence of some pioneers of the spirit connection from within and outside of the chiropractic profession will be discussed.

Credits: 0.75
Lab Hours: 1.50

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