Amanda R. Gebhardt-Fitzgerald

Amanda Gebhardt-Fitzgerald
Assistant Professor
Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Chief of Staff
Woodwinds Natural Care Center

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

I first became interested in chiropractic as a freshman in undergraduate college when I desperately needed the care of a chiropractor due to long hours spent studying and pouring over books. I was amazed at the rapid relief I received from such a natural and safe treatment, and I promptly changed the focus of my education to pursuing a career as a doctor of chiropractic. 

After starting out as an associate doctor of chiropractic upon graduating from chiropractic college in 2005, I later began working for Northwestern Health Sciences University. In addition to being the chief of staff for the Natural Care Center at Woodwinds, I am a full-time practitioner. I have a general family practice, seeing patients of all ages, with a special interest in soft-tissue and repetitive motion-type injuries. I utilize multiple techniques, therapies and other medical specialists to obtain results. 


  • CPR/AED certification, 2009
  • CPR/AED certification, 2011-13
  • Bachelor of Arts - Jamestown College, 2001
  • Doctor of Chiropractic - NWHSU, 2005
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