Catherine Gray

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

I am a quarter-time faculty member in the Department of Clinical Education. I have held this position since 2000. As a faculty liaison for the Community Based Internship (CBI), I am primarily responsible for the credentialing and orientation of the doctors in the community who mentor Northwestern interns.

I have also participated in the CBI program as an associate clinical faculty member, mentoring interns. I believe that having mentored interns supports me in the role I play as faculty liaison. Doctors must be able to feel that they are communicating with a member of the Northwestern team who can relate to them. As a clinician since 1992, I certainly can! I have grown not only personally as a mentor, but professionally in my ability to help clinical supervisors with the challenges that come with mentoring interns at various clinical levels throughout their internships.

As a student at Northwestern, I was very thankful for the faculty mentors who also maintained private practices. I felt like they could relay information to me that I was going to need someday. They shared the triumphs and challenges of private practice. I would relish the tidbits learned, especially when later putting them to use in private practice myself. I consider it a privilege to be part of the Department of Clinical Education and to serve both doctors and students on a daily basis.


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