Glori Hink

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

I became involved in chiropractic as a result of the injuries I sustained as a rugby player. My chiropractic practice has focused on acute injury care and I was a sideline doctor for rugby teams for ten years. This experience serves as a foundation for my role as a technique instructor. 

As an educator, I am interested in using technology to improve chiropractic education. I have explored the use of virtual worlds in a patient interviewing experience and have conducted research on how cell phones can be used to help students perfect their adjusting skills. I am currently working to make learning more mobile with the creation of study materials designed for access via Smart phones.



Books and eBooks

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Hinck, G, Bergmann, T. Cervical Manipulative Mechanics. [iBook]. Hinck and Bergmann, publishers; 2013. iTunes download.

Hinck, G. Contributor to Beirman, R, Differential Diagnosis for the Physical and Manipulative TherapiesA Case Based Approach. Sydney: Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier Australia; 2011.

Journal articles

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