Warren L. Moe

Moe Warren
College of Chiropractic

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Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

I accepted a faculty position with Northwestern in 1982 as a clinic supervisor. Although my responsibilities have varied over the years, I have remained in the clinical training aspect of education. Moving to director of the Student Health Service created an opportunity to train and interact with all students for an entire year as they began their experiences as student clinicians.

Northwestern created a unique clinical training program for students in the mid-1990’s. I was assigned to the Department of Clinical Education at this time to serve as a clinical field coordinator for this new program which involved recruiting and credentialing doctors in the field to be teaching mentors to students. After this program was established, I moved into the position of clinical curriculum coordinator, and then to department chair of Clinical Education.

In addition to my primary responsibilities, I have spent much time involved in multiple aspects of clinical competency evaluation. This has entailed creating competency assessments, coordinating logistics of testing, and coordinating the remediation of students. Participating in the process of transforming students into practicing professionals has been, and continues to be, a tremendously rewarding experience.  


  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, 1994
  • Associate of Arts - Waldorf College, 1970
  • Doctor of Chiropractic - Los Angeles College of Chiro, 1980
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