Faculty and Staff Directory

Name/Title Email Phone Ext. Department
Abbott, Charles R.
cabbott@nwhealth.edu 407 Admissions
Ahmad, Kashif Adil
Associate Professor
kahmad@nwhealth.edu 330 College of Chiropractic
Allen, Kathleen H.
Associate Dean
kallen@nwhealth.edu 435 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Amiot, Ursula I.
Assistant Professor
uamiot@nwhealth.edu 244 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Amundson, James J.
jamundson@nwhealth.edu 278 College of Chiropractic
Anderson, Pamela A.
Administrative Assistant II
panderson@nwhealth.edu 430 College of Chiropractic
Arakawa, Debbie J.
Assistant Registrar & Financial Aid Specialist
darakawa@nwhealth.edu 496 Registrar - Financial Aid
Austen, Scott E.
Coordinator, Biomechanical Lab
sausten@nwhealth.edu 145 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Baldwin, Lori M.
Assistant Professor
lbaldwin@nwhealth.edu 339 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Bauer, Kayla M.
kbauer@nwhealth.edu 637 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Bell, Jennifer C.
Coordinator, Conference & Marketing
jbell@nwhealth.edu 390 Continuing Education
Berg, Diana L.
dberg@nwhealth.edu 249 Continuing Education
Berg, Mary E.
Coordinator, Clinical Experiential Education
mberg@nwhealth.edu 453 Clinical Education
Bergmann, Thomas F.
tbergmann@nwhealth.edu 279 College of Chiropractic
Beyrand, Jana M.
Patient Services Coordinator
jbeyrand@nwhealth.edu 444 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Biwer, Susan V.
Assistant Director
sbiwer@nwhealth.edu 237 Alumni and Career Services
Bowers, Linda J.
lbowers@nwhealth.edu 431 College of Chiropractic
Brady, Monika A.
mbrady@nwhealth.edu 227 Website Services
Braem, Thomas S.
Assistant Professor
tbraem@nwhealth.edu 363 School of Massage Therapy
Braun, Kari L. R.
kbraun@nwhealth.edu 367 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Brezinka, Karen A.
kbrezinka@nwhealth.edu 371 School of Massage Therapy
Bronfort, Gert
Vice President
gbronfort@nwhealth.edu 413 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Brown, Gwen F.
Clinic Manager
gbrown@nwhealth.edu 211 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Bullentini, Barbara J.
Associate Clinic Faculty
bbullentini@nwhealth.edu 616 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Burgan, Beth A.
Assistant Professor
bburgan@nwhealth.edu 373 School of Massage Therapy
Burns Ryan, Katie A.
Associate Professor
kburnsryan@nwhealth.edu 167 College of Chiropractic
Carl, Cynthia A.
Specialist, Training & Application Support
bjcarl@nwhealth.edu 188 Information Technology
Casello-Maddox, Patricia M.
Assistant Professor
pcasello@nwhealth.edu 202 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Caskey, Theresa L.
tcaskey@nwhealth.edu 952-894-7620 Burnsville Natural Care Center
Champion, Nita J.
Assistant Professor
nchampion@nwhealth.edu 618 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Cleaveland, Rentzell D.
Student Records & Financial Aid Specialist
jcleaveland@nwhealth.edu 164 Registrar - Financial Aid
Cran, Douglas R.
Applications Developer/Data Analyst
dcran@nwhealth.edu 448 Information Technology
Dahl, Mia B.
Patient Services Coordinator
mdahl@nwhealth.edu 633 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Daubenmier, Alison L.
Patient Services Coordinator
adaubenmier@nwhealth.edu 632 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Deal, Donald B.
Assistant Professor
ddeal@nwhealth.edu 210 College of Undergraduate Health Sciences
Demeter, Sher
Assistant Professor
sdemeter@nwhealth.edu 639 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Devgun, Amrit
Assistant Professor
adevgun@nwhealth.edu 612 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
DeVries, Renee M.
rdevries@nwhealth.edu 411 College of Chiropractic
DeVries, Ryne D.
Assistant Professor
rddevries@nwhealth.edu 141 Cottage Grove Clinic
Dorma, Kathleen A.
Manager, Concessions
kdorma@nwhealth.edu 952-888-9312 Gaming Concessions
Dugas, Ross B.
Vice President for Administration & CFO
rdugas@nwhealth.edu 462 Accounting
Eggebrecht, Donald L.
deggebrecht@nwhealth.edu 389 College of Chiropractic
Elkington, William C.
welkington@nwhealth.edu 475 College of Chiropractic
Erickson, Sarah M.
Admissions Representative
serickson@nwhealth.edu 208 Admissions
Erickson, Terry A.
Associate Professor
terickson@nwhealth.edu 183 College of Chiropractic
Evans, Roni L.
revans@nwhealth.edu 154 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Ewald, Jeffrey A.
Associate Professor
jewald@nwhealth.edu 284 University Health Services
Featherstone, Janet L.
Director & Associate Registrar
jfeatherstone@nwhealth.edu 241 Registrar - Financial Aid
Feils, Vanessa R.
Development Officer
vfeils@nwhealth.edu 340 Development
Finer, Bradley A.
bfiner@nwhealth.edu 235 College of Chiropractic
Florin, Corinne
Clerk & Archivist
cflorin@nwhealth.edu 419 Library
Franczak, Lisa M.
Senior Generalist
lfranczak@nwhealth.edu 170 Human Resources
French, Elizabeth Z.
Patient Services Coordinator
efrench@nwhealth.edu 642 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Frevik, Sharon K.
sfrevik@nwhealth.edu 432 Clinic Billing
Ganzhorn, Karen A.
kganzhorn@nwhealth.edu 272 College of Chiropractic
Gebhardt-Fitzgerald, Amanda R.
Assistant Professor
agebhardtfitzgerald@nwhealth.edu 631 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Gong, Tao
Associate Professor
tgong@nwhealth.edu 304 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Gosse, Barbara J.
Assistant Professor
bgosse@nwhealth.edu 127 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Gottfried, Sarah M.
sgottfried@nwhealth.edu 317 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Grimmius, Marcia R.
Degree Audit Specialist
mgrimmius@nwhealth.edu 137 Registrar - Financial Aid
Ha, Elizabeth T.
Accounts Technician
ehavu@nwhealth.edu 401 Accounting
Halleen, Janet E.
jhalleen@nwhealth.edu 580 Bookstore
Hanegraaf, Lori J.
lhanegraaf@nwhealth.edu 405 Student Affairs
Hanson, Christian M.
Associate Dean
chanson@nwhealth.edu 309 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Hanson, Linda M.
Fellow - Research/Public Health Leadership
lhanson@nwhealth.edu 316 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Hart, Jennifer C.
Associate Dean
jhart@nwhealth.edu 147 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Haug, Angela M.
ahaug@nwhealth.edu 419 Library
Heafey, Lynne T.
Insurance Specialist, Senior
lheafey@nwhealth.edu 433 Clinic Billing
Healey, Dale K.
dhealey@nwhealth.edu 348 School of Massage Therapy
Healy, Michael T.
mhealy@nwhealth.edu 106 Alumni and Career Services
Healy, Nancy J.
Executive Administrative Assistant
nhealy@nwhealth.edu 215 Provost's Office
Heieie, Lynn M.
Associate Director
lheieie@nwhealth.edu 206 Admissions
Hejny, William J.
Assistant Professor
whejny@nwhealth.edu 629 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Herbst, Jacob D.
Exercise Therapist
jherbst@nwhealth.edu 250 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Hess, Louise D.
lhess@nwhealth.edu 415, 521 University Health Services
Hewitt, Jennifer E.
jhewitt@nwhealth.edu 584 Clinical Education
Hinck, Glori L.
Associate Professor
ghinck@nwhealth.edu 182 College of Chiropractic
Hinks, Kathryn R.
Admissions Counselor
khinks@nwhealth.edu 204 Admissions
Hogenson, Deborah C.
dhogenson@nwhealth.edu 437 Human Resources
Holst, Kathleen J.
Assistant Professor
jholst@nwhealth.edu 372 School of Massage Therapy
Hood, Aimee J.
Financial Aid Counselor
ahood@nwhealth.edu 408 Registrar - Financial Aid
Hoppin, Andrew S.
ahoppin@nwhealth.edu 387 Registrar - Financial Aid
Horns, Norman M.
Associate Professor
nhorns@nwhealth.edu 384 College of Chiropractic
Horton, Amy L.
Assistant Professor
ahorton@nwhealth.edu 108 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Hu, Xiaoyan
Associate Professor
xhu@nwhealth.edu 368 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Huitt, Victoria L.
Assistant Professor
vhuitt@nwhealth.edu 315 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Hulbert, James R.
Associate Professor
jhulbert@nwhealth.edu 153 College of Undergraduate Health Sciences
Hvidsten, Leif R.
Data Center & System Administrator
lrhvidsten@nwhealth.edu 247 Information Technology
Hvidsten, Lynne C.
Associate Dean
lhvidsten@nwhealth.edu 455 Clinical Education
Jeska, April M.
Patient Services Coordinator
ajeska@nwhealth.edu 144 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Jiang, Yong Ping
yjiang@nwhealth.edu 361 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Johnsen, Gary D.
garyjohnsen@nwhealth.edu 430 College of Chiropractic
Johnson, Nancy B.
Executive Administrative Assistant
njohnson@nwhealth.edu 213 President's Office
Johnson, Valerie A.
vjohnson@nwhealth.edu 611 School of Massage Therapy
Jusczak, Nancy D.
Patient Services Coordinator
njusczak@nwhealth.edu 444 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Jusczak, Naydeen D.
Patient Services Coordinator
ndjusczak@nwhealth.edu 293 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Kalb, Kevin E.
Assistant Professor
kkalb@nwhealth.edu 219 University Health Services
Kelly, Kayla A.
Exercise Therapist
kkelly@nwhealth.edu 142 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Kempke, Ann E.
Librarian, Technical Services
akempke@nwhealth.edu 221 Library
Kleckner, Gail P.
Accounts Technician
gkleckner@nwhealth.edu 134 Accounting
Klein, Andrew S.
aklein@nwhealth.edu 270 College of Chiropractic
Klein, Brianna J.
bklein@nwhealth.edu 268 School of Massage Therapy
Knutson, Jeanne M.
Patient Services Coordinator
jknutson@nwhealth.edu 229 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Krogsveen, Arne M.
Senior Audio Visual Production Technician
akrogsveen@nwhealth.edu 267 Audio Visual
Larson, Dian L.
Librarian, Serials
dlarson@nwhealth.edu 463 Library
Larson, Karen J.
klarson@nwhealth.edu 201 Bookstore
Larson, Link P.
llarson@nwhealth.edu 292 College of Chiropractic
Larson, Whitney C.
Administrative Assistant
wlarson@nwhealth.edu 163 Alumni and Career Services
Lautt, Candace S.
clautt@nwhealth.edu 635 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Lawyer, Becky L.
University Counselor & Disabilities Coordinator
blawyer@nwhealth.edu 458 Student Affairs
Leininger, Brent D.
Research Fellow
bleininger@nwhealth.edu 160 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Leonard, Rebecca A.
Admissions Counselor
rleonard@nwhealth.edu 248 Admissions
Lewis, John W.
Receiving Clerk
jlewis@nwhealth.edu 207 Bookstore
Lininger, Charles A.
alininger@nwhealth.edu 610 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Liu, Wei
wliu@nwhealth.edu 333 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Ma, Huan
Associate Professor
hma@nwhealth.edu 378 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Mackereth, Anne H.
Librarian, Public Services
amackereth@nwhealth.edu 218 Library
Maiers, Michele J.
Associate Professor
mmaiers@nwhealth.edu 158 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Major, Christopher C.
Assistant Professor
cmajor@nwhealth.edu 259 College of Chiropractic
Manne, Anita L.
amanne@nwhealth.edu 282 College of Chiropractic
Mansheim, Vickie S.
vmansheim@nwhealth.edu 415, 225 University Health Services
Marks, Ruth A.
Chief Records Officer & Registrar
rmarks@nwhealth.edu 581 Registrar - Financial Aid
Marsh, Carissa R.
Clinic Manager
cmarsh@nwhealth.edu 307 Burnsville Natural Care Center
Martin, Katherine J.
Public Relations Coordinator
kmartin@nwhealth.edu 172 Marketing and Strategic Communications
Matala, Judith T.
Admissions Associate
jmatala@nwhealth.edu 409 Admissions
McDonald, James E.
Executive Vice President
jmcdonald@nwhealth.edu 414 Executive Vice President
McKenzie, Mark S.
mmckenzie@nwhealth.edu 274 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Menne, Scott J.
Payroll Coordinator
smenne@nwhealth.edu 173 Human Resources
Miller, Margaret E.
Associate Clinic Faculty
pmiller@nwhealth.edu 366/364 Edith Davis Teaching Clinic
Moe, Warren L.
Curriculum Coordinator
wmoe@nwhealth.edu 451 Clinical Education
Monroe, Karen M.
Lead Custodian
kmonroe@nwhealth.edu 467 Physical Plant
Moore, Janis M.
Network Administrator/Help Desk Manager
jmoore@nwhealth.edu 189 Information Technology
Nordstrom, Stephen D.
Assistant Director
snordstrom@nwhealth.edu 209 Admissions
Novak, Jeffrey J.
Assistant Professor
jnovak@nwhealth.edu 291 University Health Services
Osterbauer, Paul J.
Associate Professor
posterbauer@nwhealth.edu 151 College of Chiropractic
Owen, Deborah F.
Assistant Professor
dowen@nwhealth.edu 375 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Oyelowo, Tolulope A
Associate Professor
toyelowo@nwhealth.edu 276 College of Chiropractic
Packard Spicer, Anne M.
Associate Professor
apspicer@nwhealth.edu 461 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Palmer, Ryann M.
Marketing Specialist
rpalmer@nwhealth.edu 169 Marketing and Strategic Communications
Palmer, Scott J.
Chief Development Officer
spalmer@nwhealth.edu 428 Development
Pendroy, Theresa M.
tpendroy@nwhealth.edu 362 Human Resources
Peterson, Deborah A.
Executive Director
dpeterson@nwhealth.edu 412 Alumni and Career Services
Peterson, Stacy
Associate Professor
speterson@nwhealth.edu 305 College of Chiropractic
Pidde, Lilian M.
Coordinator, Customer Service & Records
lpidde@nwhealth.edu 488 Continuing Education
Pirog, John E.
jpirog@nwhealth.edu 365 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Prill, Daniel S.
Interim, Chief Information Officer
dprill@nwhealth.edu 399 Information Technology
Przeslawski, Michael
mprzeslawski@nwhealth.edu 260 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Quam, Christine C.
Admissions Counselor
cquam@nwhealth.edu 303 Admissions
Ratte`, Paul
Assistant Professor
pratte@nwhealth.edu 308 College of Chiropractic
Resendez, Mario
mresendez@nwhealth.edu 422 Physical Plant
Rich, Jeff A.
Assistant Professor
jrich@nwhealth.edu 290 College of Chiropractic
Richardson, Jane E.
Assistant Professor
jrichardson@nwhealth.edu 288 College of Chiropractic
Richter, Lois C.
lrichter@nwhealth.edu 243 Human Resources
Ricketts, Susan K.
Project Coordinator
sricketts@nwhealth.edu 149 Website Services
Ruchti, Wendy L.
Program Coordinator
wruchti@nwhealth.edu 166 Alumni and Career Services
Runbeck, Deborah J.
Patient Services Coordinator
drunbeck@nwhealth.edu 605 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Ruples, Brenda M.
Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
bruples@nwhealth.edu x246 Accounting
Russella, Rita J.
rrussella@nwhealth.edu 434 Clinical Laboratory
Sanford, Jacklyn O.
Registration Specialist, Board & Online
jsanford@nwhealth.edu 178 Continuing Education
Sawyer, Charles E.
Senior Vice President
csawyer@nwhealth.edu 470 Center for Health Care Innovation & Policy
Schluter, Vicky A.
vschluter@nwhealth.edu 419 Library
Schmidt, Lynn M.
Insurance Specialist
lschmidt@nwhealth.edu 245 Clinic Billing
Schoeneberger, Elizabeth A.
eschoeneberger@nwhealth.edu 416 Bookstore
Schulz, Craig A.
Associate Dean
cschulz@nwhealth.edu 159 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Sederholm, Nadine R.
Patient Services Coordinator
nsederholm@nwhealth.edu 634 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Session, Julie K.
Administrative Coordinator III
jsession@nwhealth.edu 280 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Shupe, Della J.
dshupe@nwhealth.edu 417 Library
Skarsten, Amy L.
Administrative Assistant
askarsten@nwhealth.edu 426 Clinical Education
Skaufel, Jodell M.
Assistant Professor
jskaufel@nwhealth.edu 236 College of Chiropractic
Smith, David J.
Associate Professor
dsmith@nwhealth.edu 609 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Sothman, Christian T.
Graphic Designer
csothman@nwhealth.edu 155 Marketing and Strategic Communications
Stant, John R.
Maintenance Technician
jstant@nwhealth.edu 253 Physical Plant
Stein, Ralph O.
rstein@nwhealth.edu 258 Copy Center
Swanson, Sara M.
Assistant Professor
sswanson@nwhealth.edu 179 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Swartz, Kristin L.
Project Manager
kswartz@nwhealth.edu 594 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Sweere, Joseph J.
jsweere@nwhealth.edu 269 College of Chiropractic
Swineheart, Kim L.
Associate Professor
kswineheart@nwhealth.edu 265 College of Chiropractic
Taft, Edward M.
etaft@nwhealth.edu 422 Physical Plant
Taylor, Barry H.
Assistant Professor
btaylor@nwhealth.edu 295 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Teeter, Kelly E.
Accounts Technician
kteeter@nwhealth.edu 457 Accounting
Thieret, Laura A.
Administrative Coordinator II
lthieret@nwhealth.edu 465 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Thoen, Jason C.
Assistant Professor
jthoen@nwhealth.edu 421 College of Undergraduate Health Sciences
Truax, Janice R.
jtruax@nwhealth.edu 258 Copy Center
Tuchscherer, Mary M.
mtuchscherer@nwhealth.edu 287 College of Chiropractic
Turek, Kathleen M.
kturek@nwhealth.edu 416, 459 Bookstore
Tweed, Emily J.
etweed@nwhealth.edu 381 Student Affairs
Twite, Debra J.
dtwite@nwhealth.edu 402 Accounting
Van Fleet, Verena
Associate Professor
vvanfleet@nwhealth.edu 289 College of Chiropractic
Vang, Blong B
Assistant Professor
bvang@nwhealth.edu 156 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Vang, Chudou
Sr Help Desk Specialist
cvang@nwhealth.edu 200 Information Technology
Vihstadt, Corrie A.
Fellowship EIP Study
cvihstadt@nwhealth.edu 480 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Vincent, Michele M.
Assistant Professor
mvincent@nwhealth.edu 608 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Vogt, Paulette
Insurance Specialist
pvogt@nwhealth.edu 443 Clinic Billing
Waldron-Trapp, Stephani L.
Assistant Professor
swaldrontrapp@nwhealth.edu 175 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Wallace, Daniel H.
dwallace@nwhealth.edu 286 College of Chiropractic
Wang, Mei
mwang@nwhealth.edu 347 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Warburton, Christine E.
cwarburton@nwhealth.edu 256 Library
Warner, Marla R.
Financial Aid Counselor
mwarner@nwhealth.edu 440 Registrar - Financial Aid
Weaver, Sarah L.
Assistant Professor
sweaver@nwhealth.edu 242 Bloomington Natural Care Center
Westrom, Kristine K.
Associate Professor
kwestrom@nwhealth.edu 369 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Wigstrom, Catherine D.
Retail Manager
cwigstrom@nwhealth.edu 603 Woodwinds Natural Care Center
Wiles, Michael R.
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
mwiles@nwhealth.edu 582 Provost's Office
Williams, Jonathan C.
jwilliams@nwhealth.edu 271 College of Chiropractic
Wittich, Jane E.
jwittich@nwhealth.edu 231 College of Chiropractic
Wolfe Jr., John B.
Associate Professor
jwolfe@nwhealth.edu 346 College of Chiropractic
Wolpern, Kevin D.
kwolpern@nwhealth.edu 394 Physical Plant
Xiong, Thai
Help Desk Specialist
txiong@nwhealth.edu 180 Information Technology
Yang, Xianhui
Assistant Professor
xyang@nwhealth.edu 370 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Young, Sandra L.
Assistant Manager
syoung@nwhealth.edu 203 Bookstore
Yue, Jinming
Associate Professor
jyue@nwhealth.edu 326 College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Zachman, Zachary J.
zzachman@nwhealth.edu 476 College of Chiropractic
Zamastil, Sarah L.
szamastil@nwhealth.edu 294 School of Massage Therapy
Zeigler, Mark T.
mzeigler@nwhealth.edu 213 President's Office
Zwagerman, Sarah A.
Clinic Administrator
szwagerman@nwhealth.edu 320 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
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