How to Hire a Student

All student employment positions are posted on the University website to allow all students an equal opportunity to apply for employment. The Human Resources Department determines wages.

To hire a student

As the hiring supervisor, you must:

  1. Complete a Student Employment Job Order (fill-in pdf) - see download instructions below
  2. Turn the Job Order Form into Eli Sauber, Human Resources (room 113) - positions are posted online within 24 hours of receipt of job order and applications are automatically forwarded to you
  3. Review the applications to identify students who meet the minimum requirements
  4. Interview the students to determine who you would like to hire
  5. Fill out and sign the hiring information at the bottom of the student's application
  6. Turn student's application into Human Resources

Download instructions for fill-in PDF

The Job Order form is a fill-in PDF. To download a fill-in form, you may use:

  • Internet Explorer - automatically opens the fill-in form for you to complete and save
  • Another browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) - click on "Open With a Different Viewer", then open with Adobe Reader and the form will display as a fill-in form for you to complete and save (If you receive an error message, switch to Internet Explorer)

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