Career Opportunities - Master of Health Science

Enhance your current practice and influence

  • Attract more patients by adding a specialization to your practice
  • Provide more comprehensive, high-quality care to patients
  • Enhance your ability to receive referrals from other healthcare providers and clinics
  • Provide specialty services to unique groups and organizations - athletes and sports teams, professional organizations, corporate health and wellness programs, school systems and more
  • Offers services as a consultant or conduct professional seminars in your field of expertise

Expand your career opportunities

  • Join an integrative health team providing specialized skills
  • Practice in a medical clinic or hospital with your specialization
  • Expand your job opportunities in specialty clinics, rehabilitation clinics, diagnostic imaging centers, long-term care facilities and research organizations
  • Qualify to teach at local colleges or in online education
  • Write for professional peer-reviewed journals, newspapers, online sources and more

Solid career growth

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts growing employment opportunities through the next decade in fields of health care associated with chiropractic, nutrition and radiology. These reports are encouraging - many communities and employers will be seeking individuals who demonstrate expertise in these areas.

Clinical chiropractic orthopedics

Employment of doctors of chiropractic is expected to increase by 28 percent between 2010 to 2020 - faster than the average for all occupations according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Along with this increased need for doctors of chiropractic, comes a increased demand for orthopedic specialists who can provide the latest in cutting-edge, evidence-based care for complex conditions. Opportunities are also enhanced  for experienced clinicians with advanced academic credentials to teach chiropractic theory and technique to the next generation.

Clinical nutrition

There is a strong need among patients and the general public for accurate, evidence-based knowledge on nutrition. You can meet this need with your advanced education - educating patients and the public on how what they eat can affect their health and transform their lives.

Diagnostic imaging

Rapid advances in diagnostic imaging technology continue to improve diagnosis, follow-up care and patient outcomes. Chiropractic radiologists are skilled in being able to use advanced diagnostic imaging technology and provide expert clinical case consultation.

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