Considering Northwestern?

A university with a long-standing reputation for excellence and a strong community of healthcare professionals provides the foundation for your Northwestern graduate education. Our Master of Health Science degree offers many academic and professional advantages:

Expand your patient base and practice opportunities

Your master’s degree qualifies you to offer highly specialized care and expert consultative services. You'll gain the advanced expertise and credibility that patients and referring providers are looking for in today’s increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace.

Your high-level training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of complex conditions and chronic disorders will give you that competitive edge - drawing in new patients to your practice.

Your graduate degree also opens up opportunities beyond your current practice - into new areas of consulting, teaching and research.

Apply course material right away

You don’t have to wait until graduation to begin integrating your graduate studies into your day-to-day practice. Case examples and discussions in the classroom are based on real-world clinical experiences. You can immediately apply what you’re learning in the program, and gradually expand the level of care and range of services you provide for your patients.

Because our class sizes are small, the faculty and your classmates get to know you - and your style of learning. This high level of interaction helps you find the best approach for specific clinical issues, making your education instantly relevant to your practice.

Deepen your knowledge of evidence-based practice

In today’s healthcare environment, you have to do more than just keep pace with the latest therapies - you have to know if they’re effective. You are increasingly expected - by patients, insurers and policymakers - to demonstrate how specific therapies lead to better patient outcomes.

Our graduate curriculum incorporates the most current, evidence-based information with the necessary skills you need to evaluate high-quality, relevant research and evidence.  

Learn from faculty who are mentors

Our faculty are your mentors - they encourage the open exchange of ideas in the classroom and provide immediate feedback about coursework and clinical issues. Outside of the classroom, you maintain contact with your professors through online media for timely support and follow-up for your questions. Finally, our faculty will guide you through the planning, literature review and writing of your master's thesis.

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