Clinical Chiropractic Orthopedics

  • orthopedic evaluation
  • orthopedic testing on arms

Master of Health Science in
Clinical Chiropractic Orthopedics

Become an advanced-practice chiropractic orthopedist

In Northwestern’s master’s program, you become highly skilled at diagnosing and managing complex orthopedic conditions. You acquire knowledge of the most effective, evidence-based methods to improve function of the musculoskeletal system. In developing into a master’s-level orthopedist, you also learn to critically evaluate and apply the most current research to the management, prevention and rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions.

Northwestern offers the only master's degree program in the U.S. and Canada for clinical chiropractic orthopedics. Our unique curriculum was developed in cooperation with the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

Tailor your degree through specialty tracks

Specializing in one of these disciplines in clinical chiropractic orthopedics allows you to pursue the type of practice you’re most passionate about:

Sports and physical rehabilitation

In-depth study into the science of exercise and rehabilitation provides the foundation for delivering high-level care to your patients - including professional and amateur athletes. You learn advanced protocols for enhancing athletic performance and techniques for mobilization, strengthening and conditioning.

Occupational health

With comprehensive training in workplace safety, applied ergonomics and intervention strategies, you transform into an occupational health consultant. You reach an advanced level of expertise in diagnosing and managing workplace injuries and disorders as well as proficiency in performing DOT exams.

Special populations (pediatrics and geriatrics)

Broadening the application of orthopedic diagnosis and treatment, you learn to effectively manage neuromusculoskeletal disorders in children and older adults. Additional emphasis is placed on preventive strategies that promote healthy childhood development and successful aging.

Designed for the full-time doctor of chiropractic

Our schedule is tailored so you can earn a master’s degree while maintaining your clinical practice. Convenient online courses and in-person classes that meet just one weekend a month minimize time away from your practice and family. Your online coursework is brought to life during in-person class time, as you share case studies and clinical experience with faculty and fellow students. 

Expert faculty mentors with advanced degrees

Our clinical chiropractic orthopedics faculty are doctors of chiropractic who have earned advanced degrees in orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, radiology, nutrition and more. They have the extensive clinical experience and academic expertise to help you expand your knowledge and skills. Our faculty not only teach - they mentor you - making certain that you are able to apply what you learn to patient care.

Expand your clinical practice

Attract new patients and referrals from other providers by delivering specialized treatments in clinical chiropractic orthopedics. Build your practice consulting with sports teams and employee groups, as well as rehabilitation centers, schools and long-term care facilities. Learn more about career opportunities

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