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Master of Health Science in Clinical Nutrition

Become an expert in clinical nutrition counseling

In Northwestern’s master's program, you develop the expertise required to apply the principles of clinical nutrition to patient care. You gain a deep, evidence-based understanding of how nutrition affects the treatment of chronic conditions, prevents disease and promotes optimal health. You also discover how to critically evaluate and integrate the most current research in nutrition into your clinical practice.

Uniquely comprehensive curriculum

Our clinical nutrition master's curriculum incorporates two critical perspectives to further develop your expertise:

Functional medicine model

This holistic, body systems approach focuses on the interrelationship among the key genetic, physiological, nutritional and behavioral factors affecting health and disease. Learn to apply functional medicine principles in customizing nutritional interventions to each patient.

Whole foods approach

This perspective emphasizes whole grains, fresh produce and high-quality protein as the preferred source of nutrients to heal better and feel better. You also learn how high-quality supplements can enhance health and restore nutritional balance.

Tailored for the full-time practitioner

Our schedule is designed so you can earn a master’s degree in clinical nutrition while maintaining your clinical practice. Convenient online courses and in-person classes that meet just one weekend a month minimize time away from your practice and family. Your online coursework is brought to life during in-person class time, as you share case studies and clinical experience with faculty and fellow students. 

Expert faculty mentors with advanced degrees

Our clinical nutrition faculty include a PhD in nutrition, registered dietitian, doctor of chiropractic, doctor of naturopathy and diplomates in the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN). They have the extensive clinical experience and academic expertise to help you expand your knowledge and skills. Our faculty not only teach - they mentor you - making certain that you are are able to apply what you learn to patient care.

Expand your career possibilities

A master’s in clinical nutrition can expand your career opportunities into new practice areas. You enhance your clinical services by addressing conditions caused or complicated by diet. You can consult for integrative healthcare practices, corporate wellness programs, schools or nutrition companies. You will also be qualified to conduct professional seminars, teach college-level courses and engage in research activity. Learn more about career opportunities.

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