Online Readiness Questionnaire

You may be new to online learning. The MHS program is presented in a hybrid format. Some course content will be presented in a traditional face-to-face format and other content will be presented online. Northwestern uses a learning management system called Moodle to present the online coursework.

You don’t have to be a "techie" to be successful in online learning but you do a reliable computer and internet access as well as basic computer skills, a bit of Internet savvy, and a willingness to develop the personal skills important in this type of education.

This Online Readiness Questionnaire will help you determine if you are ready for online learning or if you need preparation in one or more areas before you start. Your overall score will suggest how ready you are for an online educational experience. You will also be provided with feedback as you progress through the survey. Our admissions staff will then work with you to address any potential areas of concern.

To obtain your password, contact the Office of Admissions, or 952/800-888-4777 ext. 409

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