Employee Discounts


Northwestern provides a number of discounts to employees:

  • On books and many other products at the University Bookstore
  • On a variety of services through the MERSC program
  • On eligible types of care at Northwestern clinics, laboratory services and X-rays
  • On most health and wellness retail products sold in the clinics and herbal dispensary


Northwestern provides a variety of discounts through the MERSC program. Employees can choose from discounts on restaurants, entertainment and recreation, sporting events, movie theaters, cultural events, retail services, auto and home services, and much more.

Northwestern clinics

Eligible types of care

All employees are eligible for chiropractic care, acupuncture, Oriental medicine and massage therapy in University Health Services and the Edith Davis Teaching Clinic at BNCC at a reduced cost. Nurse practitioner services are available at the Bloomington Natural Care Center.

Employees may also seek laboratory care at either Northwestern’s Clinical Lab on-campus or the laboratory located at the Natural Care Center at Woodwinds. X-ray services are available at any Northwestern clinic.

Free and discounted care

There is not a fee charged to employees receiving chiropractic, acupuncture and Oriental medicine services in University Health Services

Dependents, which include spouse, domestic partner, and children who are considered dependents under Northwestern's medical plan definition, will incur a copay.

All employees may receive care at Northwestern’s Natural Care Centers as fee-for-service patients. Employees may receive a 20% discount on naturopathic services provided by Northwestern.

Lab tests and X-rays

Employees who are on Northwestern's medical plan may receive routine laboratory tests ordered through Northwestern’s Clinical Lab on-campus or the laboratory at the Natural Care Center at Woodwinds at no charge (lab testing is provided by Quest Diagnostics or HealthEast Woodwinds Hospital). Employees not enrolled in Northwestern’s medical plan will receive a 20% discount on the above laboratory services. Lab tests from non-preferred providers (Great Smokies, Meta Metrix, etc.) are not covered by this policy and 100% of the charges must be paid by the employee.

Employees who are on Northwestern's medical plan may also receive X-ray services through any of Northwestern clinics at no charge. Employees not enrolled on Northwestern's medical plan will receive a 20% discount on x-ray services.

Work-related illness or injury

Employees may not be treated in University Health Services or in the public clinics of Northwestern for work-related injuries or illnesses.

For complete details, contact Human Resources

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