Saving Documents on Network Storage

On University computers

The PCs and Wyse terminals in the Greenawalt Library and computer lab are configured to revert to their original state after each reboot, in order to prevent installation of unwanted software or viruses. Because of this, any documents saved to the Desktop or My Documents folder will be gone after a reboot.

To avoid losing saved documents, always save to a network location. There are 2 ways to do this - save to a network folder shared by all students or accessible only to an individual student.

Save to a shared network folder

By default, Microsoft Word and Excel are configured to save to the shared G: drive. Some students create their own folders on the G: drive in which to save documents. Remember that anything saved on the G: drive is accessible by any other student using a University computer.

Save to a personal network folder

If you'd like a more secure place to save your documents, save them to your personal G: drive.

To access your personal folder:

  • Click on the Novell Login icon on the desktop
  • At the login prompt, enter your username (your Groupwise email name) and password (your student ID)
  • You may see a confirmation pop-up window. Click Yes - you will be logged in to the network and have access to your personal folder, which should be on your G: drive

When you are done working, be sure to log off, to safeguard the privacy of your files.

To log off:

  • Double-click on the Novell Logoff icon on the desktop
  • When you get the confirmation pop-up window, click Yes

Remote access to files on the network

If you save documents to your personal network folder, you can access your files from off-campus by using Novell NetStorage.

To access NetStorage:


  • To work on a document, select it by clicking in the box to the left of the file
  • Click File – Download
  • You will then be prompted to save it on your computer
  • Once you have saved it you can open it with the appropriate application
  • When you are finished and want to save it back to the network, click File – Upload
  • Click Browse to find the file you want to save, and then click Upload
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