Topics - 2015 Massage Therapy Winter Symposium

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Keynote Lecture - West Meets East: The Essence of Healing

Shinzo Fujimaki

Five Element theory draws on how beautiful our own individual essence is as we cultivate harmony among the five rhythms. Shiatsu never cures the patient entirely; it simply awakens their healing energy. It is the patient who heals themself. Thus, the key essence of healing is to understand our own unique energy and “wake it up!” Learn to create a relationship with each remarkable element so you can help awaken healing in yourself and others.

Cadaver Work: A Visual Tour

Kim Swineheart, DC

Observe Dr. Swineheart dissect a cadaver while you sit in the auditorium. You'll be able to ask questions via our close circuit camera and microphone. She will skillfully unravel the layers of the body so you can visually understand the specific tissues and meridians that help your clients manage their pain.

Optional Cadaver Lab

Kim Swineheart, DC

In the gross anatomy lab, see Dr. Swineheart explore the meridians up close and in detail. The intimate setting allows you to ask specific questions and participate in discussions with your peers and the instructor. (0.5 credit earned)

Shiatsu Yoga Experience

Shinzo Fujimaki

Experientially learn the fundamental principles of Eastern medicine and Five Element Theory focusing on the specific essences, meridians, and acupressure points of the Metal and Fire elements. Learn the harmony between yin and yang, the flow of heaven and earth energies, and how to open these channels to the restorative and healing power of nature.

In addition, you will learn meridian stretches and point application in balancing energy through self-care and partner Shiatsu as well as treatment protocols that can be augmented immediately into your current practice.

Understanding Eastern Medicine: An Overview

Lynn Jaffee, LAc

Gain an overview of Eastern medicine with general guidelines for both self-care and the massage clinic setting. Understand the basic philosophy, theory and practice behind Eastern medicine. Learn Eastern modalities, the role of Qi, Blood, Yin/Yang and the organ systems.

The Colors, The Cauldron and The Kumquat: Chinese Food Therapy Made Easy

Colleen Moore, LAc

The elegant imagery of the transformation of food to qi (our vital energy) will be brought to life, broadening our understanding of the digestive process and how best to deeply nourish ourselves. Moore expands upon the Five element concept introduced by Shinzo Fujimaki to include its use in Chinese food therapy. The dynamic properties of foods will also be presented as an initiation to using food as medicine.

"What Are the Meridians Anyway?" Neuroscience Correlates of the Channels

Mary Tuchscherer, DC, PhD

Have you ever wondered whether or not the meridians have a basis in neuro-anatomy or neurophysiology? Explore the literature and review the findings of several studies that will shed light on this subject.

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