Northwestern Students Graduate in Commencement Ceremony

Kate Martin | August 11, 2014

Three colleges present 49 graduates.

Northwestern Health Sciences University held a commencement ceremony on August 9, 2014, for students in the College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the College of Undergraduate Health Sciences and the School of Massage Therapy, presenting degrees or certificates to 49 students.

The student greetings were delivered by Dennis J. DeMars Sr., School of Massage Therapy graduating class, and Laconia R. Koerner, College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine graduating class. Carol Schoenecker, B.S.N., Integrative Therapies Coordinator at the University of Minnesota Medical Center/Fairview gave the commencement address. A reception for graduates and their families followed the ceremony.

The graduates included:

Certificate of Professional Massage Therapist

  • Dennis J. DeMars Sr.
  • Monica Ruth Howell
  • Amy Rebecca Troxel

Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy

  • Christopher Stephen Anderson
  • Katherine Marie Anderson
  • Kelsey Braddish
  • Alayna Catherine Comstock
  • Kristina Louise Del Toro Weston
  • Jeanne Marie Fox
  • Jennifer F. Garlough
  • Jill Heather Hendrickson
  • Demetrius John Qurnale Hill
  • Virginia L. Hillyer
  • John H. Hoang
  • Megan L. Jesse
  • Rebecca Lee Magoon
  • Martha Grace Perrel
  • Ann M. Rassavong
  • Jalil A. Saab
  • Richard D. J. Schwantes
  • Colleen M. Tague
  • Marisa MayLee Vang
  • Daniel Evan Voegele

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology

  • Derrick Steven Breeden
  • Sheryl Holst
  • Debra Lyn Kappers
  • Kayla Noel Lucas
  • Adam Christopher McArthur
  • Julia R. Molstead
  • Sarah Jean Padrutt
  • Renee Lynn Polikowsky
  • Hannah Steinmetz
  • Changchua N. Yang

Master of Acupuncture

  • Marissa Loch Belland
  • Sophia Gabrielle Bouwens
  • Jason Joseph Calva
  • Kenda BokjaLee Helfrich
  • Jenine N. Lewis
  • Sara Ann Sorensen
  • Stacy L. Surratt
  • Lynn R. Weatherson

Master of Oriental Medicine

  • James Antoine Carolan
  • Katherine Coffey-Dietz
  • Sarah Ann Elliott
  • Emily Ann Hurm
  • Laconia R. Koerner
  • Alicia Ann Loomis
  • Carly A. Vincentini
  • Txong Xiong
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