High School Sports Pre-participation Physicals

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NOTE: Event has been canceled

High School Sports Pre-participation Physicals
with Baseline Concussion Testing,
and Fitness Challenge

Date, time, location

Thursday, June 4, 2015

8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Pre-participation Physical with Baseline Concussion Testing takes 90 mins.
Baseline Concussion Testing only takes 45 mins.
Northwestern Health Sciences University - Gym (door 1)

Who can participate:

  • High school athletes
  • Students interested in fitness, a healthy lifestyle or sports activities - but do not participate high school sports

The student’s parent or legal guardian must attend.

Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge a fun-filled competitive atmosphere for the student to demonstrate his/her strength, flexibility and agility. All students will be evaluated for musculoskeletal balance and flexibility before participating in the challenge to insure there is no contraindication to participation. The Fitness Challenge will:

  • Identify the student’s strength, flexibility and agility
  • Identify areas where student could improve
  • Determine where student rates based on national rankings

Pre-participation Sports Physical Exam

The Pre-participation Sports Physical Exam fulfills the MN state law requirement for high school athletic participation. The physical exam is designed to:

  • Determine if the student is in general good health
  • Assess present physical fitness level
  • Assess physical size and maturation
  • Detect conditions that predispose student to injuries or illnesses
  • Evaluate any existing injuries or illnesses
  • Detect congenital anomalies that increase risk of injury or illness
  • Detect poor pre-participation conditioning that increase risk
  • Detect nutritional deficiencies or activities that hinder development and conditioning

Baseline Concussion Testing

The ImPACT test meets the MN State High School League (MSHSL) recommendation for Baseline Concussion Testing. The purpose of the exam is to:

  • Determine student’s brain function and visual function prior to injury
  • Determine if student has completely recovered from previous concussion

Who conducts the exams

Northwestern College of Chiropractic student interns perform the Pre-Participation Physical Exam and Baseline Concussion testing under the supervision of chiropractic faculty members and clinical staff who are licensed doctors of chiropractic. Chiropractic students who have been appropriately trained conduct the Strength and Flexibility Fitness Challenge.

Registration and fees

  • $65 per student: Pre-participation Sports Physical Exam and Baseline Concussion Testing
  • $10 per student: Baseline Concussion Testing only

Register online and choose a time for your exam. Walk-ins not accepted.

Registration is closed.


Required documents

The following documents must be brought to the event or filled out on-site by the student's parent or legal guardian.

High school athletes:

Students not participating in a high school sport:

  • Statement from a physician that it is safe for the student to participate in a rigorous Strength and Flexibility Fitness Challenge - bring to event

If you have questions, contact:

Dr. Jonathan Williams
College of Chiropractic
952-888-4777 ext. 271

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