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  • Refer a student anytime during the trimester: 

    Early Alert

As members of our campus community, we all share the goals of encouraging each student's academic success and assisting them in achieving graduation. Your support and willingness to help strengthens not only our students' individual achievements but contributes to the overall success of our University.

The Student Early Alert Notice allows you to partner with other campus professionals to reach out to a student who is struggling with academic or personal difficulties and may be in need of assistance or counseling. 

How you can help:

Notify the Early Alert Team

If you recognize that a student may be struggling with an academic or personal issue, submit a Student Early Alert Notice.

You may refer a student anytime during the trimester. The student’s name will appear on the Student Early Alert team's confidential database.

How the Early Alert Team will respond:

Step 1 - Discuss options

The Early Alert Team meets to discuss possible options and the best course of action to assist the student with his/her issue. You may be contacted by the Early Alert Team to gain more insight concerning the student and the issue.

Step 2 - Contact the student

The student may be advised to:

  • Meet with a faculty member, their program dean, the University Counselor or Associate Dean of Students
  • Engage in success coaching
  • Meet with a tutor
  • Connect with off-campus resources
  • Pursue another type of intervention

Step 3 - Follow-up

The Early Alert Team follows up with the student - and may follow up with you, if appropriate.

Early Alert Team


Kevin Wagner, associate dean of Student Affairs
952-888-4777 ext. 322

Team members

Kathy Allen, associate dean, College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Dr. Dinah Bunn, associate dean, College of Chiropractic
Dr. Don Deal, assistant professor, College of Undergraduate Health Sciences
Brianna Klein, administrative specialist, College of Undergraduate Health Sciences
Becky Lawyer, manager of counseling and disability services, Office of Student Affairs
Dr. Michele Renee, assistant professor, School of Massage Therapy
Dr. Jodell Skafell, assistant professor, College of Chiropractic

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