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Activator Club

Learn Activator Methods protocol and evaluation technique.

Student leader: Eric Ayen
Faculty advisors: Dr. Kevin Kalb, Dr. Natalie Clausen-Meyers

Acupuncture Study Club

Focus on all the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and provide potential materials to help students prepare for board exams.

Student leaders: Allen Thao, Donna Sandberg
Faculty advisor: Dr. Mei Wang

Animal Chiropractic Club

lnform all of Northwestern's academic programs about the benefits of animal chiropractic and educate students about the requirements, schools, CE credits and how to become certified.

Student leader: Laura Bursey
Faculty advisor: Dr. James Hulbert

Applied Kinesiology Club - AK Club

Understand and learn the Applied Kinesiology (AK) Technique through active learning, speakers and guided discussion. AK is a system of functional diagnoses that uses muscle testing to evaluate an individual's structure, chemistry and emotions. You learn the corresponding muscle test, organ and emotion for each spinal segment. Utilize Bio-Impedance Analysis to understand body composition in detail. No previous education in AK needed.

Student leaders: Eric Johnson, Kylie Bartels
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jodell Skaufel

Chiropractic Philosophy Club

Discuss principles of chiropractic to further develop your own personal philosophy of chiropractic.

Student leaders: Mike Merkt, Ken Wilson
Faculty advisors: Dr. Joseph Sweere, Dr. John Wolfe


Become be a better doctor of chiropractic by learning the technique of Gait and Functional Analysis which aids in developing your ability to evaluate patients.

Student leaders: Sam Alexander, Mark Wetzel
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joseph Sweere

Functional Medicine Club

Become educated about personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of disease instead of symptoms for serious conditions.

Student leader: Heidi Ivers
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jonathan Williams

Functional Neurology Club

Learn about the benefits that functional neurology can provide your future patients.

Student leaders: Jordan Alberts, Kassie Kaas
Faculty advisor: Dr. Linda Hanson

Gonstead Club

Learn to apply the science, art and philosophy of the Gonstead system. Check us out on Facebook.

Student leaders: Casey Thooft, Carl Calabrese
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joseph Sweere

Herb Club

Broaden your knowledge of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs through cultivation, harvesting and preparation of plants and mushrooms grown in the Northwestern herb garden. The club brings in speakers to share their knowledge about topics like plant propagation, nature's useful plants, and different cultural uses of herbs to expand the knowledge of the club and the school community.

Student leaders: Jamie Clishe, Mai Chong Yang
Staff advisor: Sheryl Cota

Integrative Health Care Club

Become educated on integrated health care models and increase collaboration between healthcare disciplines.

Student leaders: Adam Ebbers, Brandon Schroeder
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kashif Ahmad

League of Chiropractic Women

Bring female chiropractic students and practitioners together to discuss women’s health, alternate chiropractic techniques and the challenges women may encounter as providers.

Student leaders: Brittany McCormick, Carolyn Filla, Mel Krug
Faculty advisor: Dr. Katie Burns Ryan

Massage Therapy Club

Hear from guest speakers from different modalities. Participate in discussions to explain and clarify the changes to licensure and certification at the state level.

Student leaders: Mercedez Tolzmann, Jackie Thieschafer
Faculty advisor: Sarah Zamastil

Mock NICE & Part IV Boards Club

Participate in clinical mock practical in preparation for the NICE exam and Part IV NBCE National Board Exam.

Student leaders: David Juratovac, Levi Kenny
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jodell Skaufel

Motion Palpation Club

Learn about motion palpation, a technique used by doctors of chiropractic to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and extremities. Better your motion palpation skills in a fun learning environment.

Student leaders: Jeff Watson, Kirk Mason
Faculty advisor: Dr. Scott Oswald

Network Spinal Analysis Club

Find out about this evidence-based approach to wellness and body awareness which involves gentle, precise touch to the spine to cue the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

Student leaders: Shannon McCarty, Mel Krug
Faculty advisor: Dr. Link Larson

NUCCA/Upper Cervical Club

Learn about and practice the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) technique to utilize in your future practice.

Student leaders: Tad Norris, Patrick Isaacs
Faculty advisor: Dr. William Elkington

NWHSU Mentor Program

Connect with fellow students based on a variety of factors with the goal of sharing personal and academic experience, creating friendships and serving as a resource for all students. Learn more

Student leaders: Angela Current, Nathan Servey
Faculty advisor: Dr. Alejandra Dashe

Pediatric Club

Learn how to better treat maternal and pediatric patients with a focus on mastering your chiriopractic abilities in all aspects of techniques, therapies and ideas.

Student leaders: Jillian Klemek, Danika Kjargaard
Faculty advisor: Dr. Anne Packard-Spicer

Pre-Med Club

Supports fellow students in the non-classroom segments of investigating and applying to medical school through MCAT study support, application review, information session with physicians and admission committees, and other events.

Student leaders: Kelsey Nirmal Lumpkin, Justine Lapping
Faculty advisor: Dr. Don Deal

Professional Communications Club

Gain confidence in speaking in front of groups of people as well as answering on-the-spot questions posed by various types of people.

Student leaders: Chara Klug, Mel Krug
Faculty advisor: Dr. Terry Erickson

Rehab 2 Performance - R2P

Help create a network of the highest quality clinicians, scientists and exercise professionals, as a means to encourage health, disbility management and injury prevention.

Student leaders: Mike Giammarco, Ben Jelinek
Faculty advisor: Dr. Scott Oswald

Student Experimental and Archival Resource Channel Club - SEARCH

Work to acquire resources, mentors and data to support and promote student involvement in research; either by participating in ongoing research projects - or creating and completing your own novel projects.

Student leaders: Brittany McCormick, Jasmine Hanson
Faculty advisor: Dr. Renée DeVries

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