Fitness and Wellness Clubs

Endurance Sports Club

Take advantage of the opportunity to compete at any level in endurance sports and partiicpate in variety of sports races. Sudents of all fitness levels welcome.

Student leaders: Nicholas Kizzire, Michael Williams, Melissa Agnew, Jordan Roby
Faculty advisor: Dr. Travis McCathie

Flag Football Club

Improve your flag football skills and prepare for Chiro Games.

Student leaders: Aaron Cooksley, Brock Madsen
Staff advisor: Kevin Wagner

Meditation Club

Explore and practice meditation and other mindfulness and mind/body techniques. Support each other in developing our own regular practices. Discuss new techniques that may be helpful for your future patients. 

Student leaders: Kim Doyle, Camille Pascoe, Lawrence Waechter
Faculty advisor: Dr. Pat Casello-Maddox

Men's Basketball League

Compete in basketball games on a weekly basis. 

Student leaders: Andrew Jahner, Jake Selinger
Faculty advisor: Dr. Brad Finer

Qi Gong Breathing Club

Learn and practice Qi Gong, a moderate intensity exercise designed to bring natural well-being through breath regulation and gentle movement.

Student leaders: William Huynh, James Carolyn
Faculty advisor: Dr. Wei Liu

Rock Climbing Club

Be introduced to indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Climbers of all experience levels can come together and enjoy the sport.

Student leaders: Dustin Oehler, Emma Broderick, Taylor Roby
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Major

Soccer Club

Get outside being active by playing soccer.

Student leaders: Dana Asplund, Susan Gyorfi, Nick Ciliberti
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kashif Ahmad

Wrestling Club

Wrestle, workout and get a good look at sports therapy and rehab before learning how to wrap ankle, knees and hands. Open to all students, male and female, of any skill level.

Student leaders: Roger Sirek, Levi Baron
Faculty advisor: Dr. Travis McCathie

Yoga Club

Become educated about and practice yoga as a form of self-care, including its benefits - exercise, stress reduction, and increasing body awareness. Includes a weekly Yoga Sculpt class, a fast-paced, yoga-inspired workout with weights and high energy music, designed to achieve a maximum calorie burn and a Yoga Philosophy Discussion group. Open to all students, faculty, staff and the general public - at all levels. Classes are free.

Student leaders: Micah Kalb, Anne Scharenbroich
Faculty advisor: Anne Mackereth

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