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Endurance Sports Club

Join our group of running, biking, and swimming enthusiasts of all abilities to meet every week to train together. Foster relationships between healthy active individuals through endurance sports.

Student leaders: Melissa Agnew, Kyle Seversen
Faculty advisor: Dr. Renée DeVries

Hiking and Climbing Club

Be introduced to indoor and outdoor rock climbing and hiking.

Student leaders: Laura Peterson, Michael Nestoras
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Major

Meditation Club

Explore and practice meditation and other mindfulness and mind/body techniques. Support each other in developing our own regular practices. Discuss new techniques that may be helpful for your future patients. 

Student leader: Lawrence Waechter
Faculty advisor: Dr. Pat Casello-Maddox

Qi Gong Club

Discover the natural healing process through breathing and movement and practice different forms of Qi Gong.

Student leaders: Mai Chong Yang, Donna Sandberg
Faculty advisor: Kathy Allen

Soccer Club

Get yourself outside by being active playing soccer.

Student leaders: Kellen Otte
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kashif Ahmad

Strength and Conditioning Club

Join us whether you want to get into competitive powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, weightlifting, crossfit or to learn how to be more proficient in your squat, power clean or team sport. We meet both in the class room to discuss topics such as programming and periodization, nutrition, supplementation and anything else that is key to helping you perform at the highest level in your chosen sport - as well as the strength center to work on technique in various compound exercises. 

Student leaders: Brad Neitzel, Lianna Morrow
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kashif Ahmad

Yoga Club

Gain access to information, tools and resources related to the practice of yoga, while supporting a yoga community at Northwestern. Open to all students, faculty and staff at all levels.

Student leaders: Micah Kalb, Anne Scharenbroich
Faculty advisor: Anne Mackereth

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