Fitness and Wellness Clubs

Endurance Sports Club

Join fellow students in competing at any level in endurance sports and participate in a variety of sports races. Students of any fitness level interested in endurance athletics are welcome.

Student leader: Melissa Agnew
Faculty advisor: Dr. Renée DeVries

Flag Football Club

Improve your flag football skills and prepare for Chiro Games.

Student leaders: Aaron Cooksley, Brock Madsen
Staff advisor: Kevin Wagner

Health and Wellness Fitness Club

Enjoy alternative exercise routines which may include aerobics, strength training, plyometrics and endurance training. All students, staff and faculty are welcome.

Student leaders: Nathan Jung, Broderick Schmidt
Staff advisor: Kevin Wagner

Meditation Club

Explore and practice meditation and other mindfulness and mind/body techniques. Support each other in developing our own regular practices. Discuss new techniques that may be helpful for your future patients. 

Student leaders: Kim Doyle, Lawrence Waechter
Faculty advisor: Dr. Pat Casello-Maddox

Men's Basketball League

Compete in basketball games on a weekly basis. 

Student leaders: Andrew Jahner, Jake Selinger
Faculty advisor: Dr. Brad Finer

Rock Climbing Club

Be introduced to indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Climbers of all experience levels can come together and enjoy the sport.

Student leader: Dustin Oehler
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Major

Soccer Club

Get yourself outside by being active playing soccer.

Student leaders: Dana Asplund, Susan Gyorfi
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kashif Ahmad

Wrestling Club

Wrestle, workout and get a good look at sports therapy and rehab before learning how to wrap ankle, knees and hands. Open to all students, male and female, of any skill level.

Student leaders: Roger Sirek, Levi Baron
Faculty advisor: Dr. Don Eggebrecht

Yoga Club

Gain access to information, tools and resources related to the practice of yoga, while supporting a yoga community at Northwestern. Open to all students, faculty and staff at all levels.

Student leaders: Micah Kalb, Anne Scharenbroich
Faculty advisor: Anne Mackereth

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