Special Interests

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Headache
  • Master Tung points
  • Facial needling

I am a clinic supervisor at the College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University. I supervise student interns in the University's teaching clinics.

I have a strong desire to help patients heal and to teach acupuncture to students. I love sharing my passion for the medicine and the art of acupuncture. I have expertise in treating acute and chronic pain with non-local needling, women’s health issues, allergies, headaches, digestive issues and mental/emotional conditions. I enjoy helping students look at the body in a different, more abstract way in order to give the patient the fastest and most beneficial results while improving their quality of life and educating them in the process. 

My desire to help people began when I was very young. I have always been very passionate about being a caregiver and helping people achieve optimal health. My journey began at the University of Minnesota where I was pre-med but quickly changed my interest to alternative medicine.

My path then lead me to Portland, Oregon where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese acupuncture, Zen shiatsu, Qigong and Chinese herbs - as well as Dr. Tan and Master Tung’s acupuncture protocols to treat pain. My graduate thesis paper was Treating Diabetic Neuropathy with Acupuncture. In 2009, I traveled to Nanjing, China to further my education in TCM with additional training in Bell’s palsy and women’s health. In addition, I have a diplomate in acupuncture from NCCAOM.

I have experience working in private and group acupuncture settings and at an acute alcohol and heroin detox center. In private practice, I treated NFL athletes with pre- and post-rehab acupuncture care.


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