Our Values

Our faculty’s research is distinguished by a commitment to quality. Methodological rigor, objectivity and a societal perspective focused on meeting patients’ needs characterizes their approach.

  • We strive to conduct research on CAM and conservative care that is of the highest methodological rigor and embraces objectivity and transparency
  • We foster a climate that encourages diligence in quality and rewards efforts accordingly
  • We are driven to use innovative and iterative scientific approaches to answer health related questions of societal importance
  • We embrace the concept of evidence informed care, where the best available research is integrated with clinical judgment and patient preferences to deliver optimal, patient-oriented care
  • We operate in accordance with generally accepted principles, and state and federal regulations, guiding the responsible conduct of human subjects research
  • We embrace the principles of continuous quality improvement as operationalized through a systematic approach to all of our initiatives, including analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation
  • We are professional in our approach, recognizing our strengths and our limitations
  • We recognize the value of team based approaches, based on common vision, values and goals and effective communication
  • We are committed to serving our stakeholders including patients, students, faculty and providers, in a manner that reflects the above values
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