Chiropractic Alumni Association

Dr. Krystle Lieberman

The classes are tough but the education is priceless.

With a background in dietetics, Dr. Krystle Lieberman decided she wanted to look beyond food intake and weight, and take the whole body into consideration. “Chiropractic was a logical choice, and I’m happy I made it.”

Northwestern provided a well-rounded education, according to Dr. Lieberman. “I received a great education at Northwestern. It allowed me to choose the areas of chiropractic I wanted to focus on. I was able to intern at different practices and take a variety of classes. I liked that I was able to start adjusting in the third trimester.”

Dr. Lieberman says she really enjoyed the community aspect of Northwestern. “I am still good friends with many of my classmates. Northwestern was the best choice for me. The facility gets nicer every day, and the teachers are wonderful.”

Wanting prospective students to know what their Northwestern experience will be like, Dr. Lieberman says they will receive a wonderful education that will prepare them for the national boards and for their future practice. “Northwestern teaches you about the art of chiropractic, the science behind it, and the passion to pursue it. The classes are tough, but the education is priceless.”

A 2009 graduate, Dr. Lieberman now practices in Golden Valley, Minnesota. “I feel privileged that my patients let me into their lives, and grateful for the education that I received at Northwestern.”