Chiropractic Alumni Association

Dr. Lewis Pagel

I was most impressed with Northwestern’s efforts in the science and research of chiropractic.

As a child Dr. Lewis Pagel had a debilitating skeletal disorder which was treated with chiropractic adjustments in his sophomore year of high school. “It was amazing. Within a month, I was standing tall and the pains were making their way out of my back. From then on, my one goal was to become a doctor of chiropractic so I could help others the way I was helped.”

He applied to Northwestern for two reasons – the focus on science and the university’s location. “I was most impressed with Northwestern’s efforts in the science and research of chiropractic, and Bloomington is a great location. The campus is a welcoming environment for learning.”

Dr. Pagel also got a lot out of his social experiences at Northwestern. “Besides the excellent education, the part I enjoyed the most about Northwestern was the friends I made, and spending time with them both in and out of school.”

His education at Northwestern also gave him diverse clinical experiences. “I got to see many different methods while I was still a student, which molded my style of practice.”

He now works in a rural setting in Eskimo Village in the Alaskan Arctic. “I spent the majority of my residency at Northwestern in the rehab clinic, and so that is the primary style of care that I provide.”

Dr. Pagel wants prospective students to know how much Northwestern will support them. “They will help guide you through the learning process and give you the widest range of possibilities available. It truly is a student-friendly environment.”