Chiropractic Alumni Association

Dr. Mary Selly-Navarro

Northwestern is in front when it comes to education in an evidence-informed environment.

Dr. Mary Selly-Navarro has always been interested in health and preventive care. She received a degree in dietetics before pursuing chiropractic, and values the science-based perspective. She says one of the main reasons she chose Northwestern was “…the fact that it was grounded in science.”

Dr. Selly-Navarro says the university is a leader in promoting evidence-informed care. “I believe that evidence informed practice is the way of the future for this profession and Northwestern helped to nurture that value. Northwestern is in front of the pack when it comes to education in an evidence-informed environment.”

Enjoying the social aspects of student life was also an important part of her experience at Northwestern. “My class at Northwestern was a tight-knit group. We were very close and enjoyed the journey together. I still remember my study partners, some who have gone on to be educators in the profession.”

Since her graduation in 1984, she has gone on to own a group practice with doctors of chiropractic and massage therapists. One of the therapists has even returned to Northwestern to get an acupuncture degree.

Dr. Selly-Navarro enjoys the type of office she practices in. “I like the professional interaction in the clinic setting.”