Chiropractic Alumni Association

Northwestern gives students a lot of opportunities to work with real patients.

While a collegiate swimmer having suffered a severe back injury, Dr. Phillip Rand received a life-changing chiropractic adjustment. After that experience, he decided to pursue chiropractic as a career.

In a twist of fate, Dr. Rand met a couple who were travelling home from a workshop at Northwestern. “I told them I was looking into chiropractic, and they said I had to go to Northwestern, so I made an appointment to tour the campus. I knew right away it was perfect for me.”

The curriculum was one aspect of Northwestern that resonated with him, during his tour. “I am really interested in science, and the program was really big into the basic sciences. I wanted a real, medical education. The other thing that impressed me was that students started with hands-on work right away. Northwestern gives students a lot of opportunities to work with real patients.”

While attending Northwestern, Dr. Rand says he really enjoyed student life. “I went to Washington D.C. to lobby for chiropractic. I was a part of the Sports Medicine Club and the Motion Palpation Club. It was a really fun time. I always tell people that at Northwestern, we worked really hard, but we also played really hard.”

As a 2003 graduate, Dr. Rand still feels supported by Northwestern, especially the faculty. “I still have great relationships with my professors. I can call them with questions any time. As a student, having spent the number of hours that we did on campus, the connection really stuck. I love having those professors as a resource.”