Scott Oswald

Scott Oswald
Assistant Professor
College of Chiropractic

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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

Most of my personal and professional life has been spent in the athletic arena. Having experienced my fair share of injuries, athletic preparation and rehabilitation became a necessary pastime of mine. Experiencing these injuries not only allowed me to better empathize with those who’ve had similar injuries, but allowed me to experience different rehabilitative techniques first hand. 

After graduating from the University of Minnesota I worked as an athletic trainer at the University of Minnesota, as well as a personal trainer at a major health club. During that time, I “discovered” the chiropractic profession and this discovery sparked my desire to return to school. Upon graduating from Northwestern, I immediately opened my own private practice specializing in sports medicine and rehabilitation.  

In my clinical practice, I was seeing athletes from a wide variety of sports and levels. One of my patients recognized my passion for fitness and competition and introduced me to CrossFit. CrossFit involves constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity as a means to optimize fitness. Slowly my practice evolved to catering solely to the CrossFit community. 

I find great passion in seeing athletes return to pre-injury status or reaching new levels after addressing critical performance gaps. This passion for teaching is what brought me back to Northwestern. My goal is to share my experiences with students in order to better prepare them for their next set of challenges as a doctor of chiropractic.


  • Bachelor of Science - University of Minnesota, 1999
  • Doctor of Chiropractic - Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2006
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