Support Patients and Master the Latest Technology in the Radiation Therapy Program

Radiation Therapists are a vital part of the oncology team for patients battling life-threatening illnesses. With NWHSU’s accredited Radiation Therapy Degree Program, you’ll be able to join the team in just over two years.

At NWHSU, you’ll have small classes and personalized help, with everything you need to succeed in the program. The coursework is rigorous. You’ll study physics, anatomy, and mathematics to understand the key skills you’ll need as a radiation therapist.

You will complete all your coursework and lab work in our modern lab as part of this program. After that, you will begin your nine-month clinical training. That means you’ll already have practice doing hands-on skills and can enter your clinical education with confidence.

Getting an associate degree in radiation therapy allows you to enter the growing field more quickly. This degree provides you with all the necessary coursework and clinical experience.

For People Who Love Technology & Patient Care

Radiation Therapy is a good job for tech and science enthusiasts who also want to help patients.

As a radiation therapist, you’ll use skills gained from your science and math education to work with the latest technology. The primary job of a radiation therapist is to read and deliver high quality patient care. You’ll interpret patient treatment plans, review and evaluate imaging, and administer radiation treatments to cancer patients. As a team member, you will use advanced technology and follow safety principles for radiation protection.

You’ll also work directly with patients. In fact, you’ll spend more time with them than most members of their care team. You’ll provide support to patients and their families, offering compassion every day. You’ll join patients in their battle against cancer, making a real difference in their lives.

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