Victoria L. Huitt

Victoria Huitt
Associate Clinic Faculty
DeRusha Clinic

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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

My interest in health care began with my work as a social worker in the public health field working with women, children and families. My greatest satisfaction came from teaching my clients to find and use resources to better their own health and well-being. This experience led me to acupuncture and herbal training in Portland, OR, and then to internships that followed my passion for public health - treatment of patients with addictions at Hooper Detox and Portland Addictions Center, and working with patients with HIV/AIDS at the Immune Enhancement Program.  

In working with patients, my goals are to enhance their health and empower them to change through Oriental medicine, education and community resources. Having patients discover ways they can take charge of their health is as gratifying as impacting their health with the incredible medicine I have the ability to offer. While I enjoy providing relief to patients with pain, I especially like working with women’s disorders, emotional and mental health problems, addictions and headaches. I am an active volunteer with the Aliveness Project in Minneapolis, MN, a center of support for people living with HIV/AIDS, where I also supervise student interns in providing Oriental medicine to members of the Project.

I have been a clinical supervisor with students at Northwestern since 2002. I enjoy seeing students’ growth from new interns to practitioners in the field. I am teaching Interactive Skills to students before entering their clinical rotations and the Practice Management segments to students who are preparing for entering the field as business owners. I am currently serving in the shared role of Chief of Staff for Pillsbury House, a community-based integrated clinic with students serving as the main providers of services. I find it all challenging and very rewarding.


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