Nancy E Anderson-Bierma

Nancy Anderson-Bierma
Associate Clinic Faculty
DeRusha Clinic

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

I practice Oriental medicine to improve the health of adults and children. I am passionate about parent education and providing holistic health care for children from infancy to adulthood. I have a wealth of experience treating people of all ages. I love seeing patients improve their lives and cut down on their long-term health care costs.

I believe that the more people understand acupuncture, the more the community will embrace it. Oriental medicine is an ancient and beautiful form of medicine that has many facets and works well for a multitude of conditions.

I love practicing and teaching this form of medicine. I am creative by nature and I find great joy in the process of diagnosis and treatment planning. I learn something from every patient I see and I appreciate the opportunity to share in my patients’ healing journeys.


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