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What is WebEvent View?

Viewing Events

Viewing Events
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Adding and Submitting New Events
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What is WebEvent View?
WebEvent View is a web-based calendar system used by the University for scheduling and publicizing events, meetings, classes, exams and other calendar items. It is also a way of keeping track of room availability. WebEvent View users can view the schedule of events in whatever way best suits their needs. They can choose List view or a traditional calendar grid, switch from Month view to Week view, hide event details, and filter events by category.

Viewing Events
All University Calendars are open for viewing to everyone. Only designated Calendar Managers from individual offices, departments or colleges have permission to post events or reserve rooms. Click here for the list of Calendar Managers.

Calendar Display
WebEvent View calendars enable you to see all important dates and events at a glance, and provide several features to simplify your view. You can switch the calendar display between list and calendar views, export calendar data, subscribe to a calendar, Jump to Today, and jump to a selected date, as well as change the timeframe to day/week/2-week/month/year view.

Combining Calendar Views
You have an option of viewing individual calendars, or you can combine and view multiple calendars in a single Calendar or List view. All events in each calendar will appear in the same calendar.

To combine multiple calendars into one view:

  1. Click Show Calendar List on the Date bar.

The calendar list shows you which calendars are available. A check mark indicates that the calendar is currently displayed in your current Calendar or List view.

Calendars designated as Favorite Calendars are available each time you log in to WebEvent View. Those that are labeled Today's Calendars are available in the list only for current session.

  1. Select the calendars you want to display in the current view.
  2. To prevent a calendar from being displayed, clear the check box for that calendar, and then click Update Display to refresh your Calendar or List view.
    To add a calendar back to the view, simply re-select a calendar and click Update Display.

  3. To drill down to a single calendar, click the calendar title in the calendar list pane. Then, to return to multiple calendars, click Multi Calendar View.
  4. To close the calendar list pane at any time, simply click Hide Calendar Lists on the Date bar.

Viewing Event Details
To view event details, simply click on the event name in the calendar. A pop-up window appears with contact information and an event description.

Subscribing to Calendars
WebEvent View's Calendar Subscription feature lets calendar subscribers receive email reminders about events and notifications about any calendar changes. Each WebEvent View calendar can be enabled for calendar subscriptions, and users who are granted Subscribe permission can then subscribe to the enabled calendars. If you have Subscribe permissions and want to subscribe to a calendar with this feature:

  1. On the WebEvent toolbar, Click Subscribe.
  2. In the Subscription window, specify if you would like an email notification whenever a calendar event is added, changed or deleted -- and if you want an email to remind you of upcoming events. Enter the advance time frame for the reminder. Then, click Subscribe.
  3. A confirmation window appears to notify you that an email has been sent to the calendar administrator, and that you will receive an email that contains a link to activate your subscription. Click OK.
  4. When you receive the confirmation email, click on the given link to activate your subscription.

Adding and Submitting New Events
You can add events to the calendars, assuming you have the proper permissions. Adding an event puts an event directly on a calendar; the Submit feature submits an event to a designated contact person for approval. Contact the calendar manager for your department, office or college or click the Submit Event button. Events entered by calendar managers are added directly into the calendar. Events entered by non-calendar managers using the Submit Event button, once submitted, must be approved before they are added to the calendar.

Submitting Events for Approval
When you have Submit permissions, you can submit events to a calendar for approval. Once it is approved, others will be able to see your event on the calendar. Note that the submitted event will not appear in the calendar until the appropriate Calendar Manager approves the event.
To submit an event:

  1. Display the calendar.

    In Calendar view, click the actual date.

    - or -
    Click Submit Event .
    By default, the active date appears in the Basic tab. The active date is the date you clicked in the calendar, or the current date if you clicked Add Event.

  2. In the Basic tab, enter the basic settings you want for the new event.
  3. The calendar or calendars to which you can submit events are automatically listed in the Calendars to Submit to list. Select a calendar in the list — or, to display a list of all calendars to which you can submit events, click the Select button, and then select the calendars to which you want to add the event.

  4. If you have the proper permissions, you can customize the format or your event title and invite email recipients to your event:

    • Click Style to customize the style settings of your event title.
    • Click Emails to specify email settings for your event.

  5. When you are done, click Add.

    To cancel your changes, click Cancel.
    Be aware that clicking Cancel on any tab cancels all changes made to Basic, Style, and Emails settings.

    Submitted events remain invisible to guests and other users until the appropriate Calendar Manager approves each event. The Calendar Managers will be able to see all approved and unapproved events in the calendar. Unapproved events carry an "Unapproved" tag until they are approved.

    You will be notified via email once the Calendar Manager either approves your event and adds it to the calendar — or chooses not to approve your submitted event for inclusion in the calendar and deletes the event submission.

Modifying Events
If you are a Calendar Manager, you can modify existing events on one or more calendars.
Provided you have Write access to all of the calendars in which an event appears, you can edit the event from any of those calendars. Changes that you make will be reflected in all calendars.

To modify an event:

  1. Display the calendar in which the event is scheduled.
  2. Click the event title to display the Event Details window.
  3. In the Event Details window, click Edit to display the Modify Event window.
  4. Visit each tab - Basic, Style, and Emails - to change the values you want.

    Tip: If you do not want to notify invited users that you making changes to the event, clear the Send change notification check box on the Basic tab.

  5. When you are done, click Modify in any tab: Basic, Style, or Emails.

To cancel your changes, click Cancel. Be aware that clicking Cancel on any tab cancels all changes made to Basic, Style, and Emails settings.
In a calendar, modified events appear with the Modified Event icon .

Room Reservations

  • Faculty/Staff: To reserve a conference room or a classroom for a meeting or other event, please contact the Calendar Manager for your department or office. For the list of Calendar Managers click here.
  • Students: Students are required to submit their requests to the Student Activities and Organizations Calendar for approval. Students will be notified via email, once the Calendar Manager either approves the event and adds it to the calendar — or chooses not to approve it.

Please contact Lori Hanegraaf at lhanegraaf@nwhealth.edu or ext. 405.

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Contact University Web Coordinator at webmaster@nwhealth.edu  or call ext. 357.
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