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Adding an Event
Delete an Event
Approve an Event

How do I add an event to my calendar?

All calendar managers who have been given Write access to one or more calendars can add events directly to a calendar. No approval is needed.

  1. Login to WebEvent.
  2. Choose the appropriate calendar.
  3. Make sure you are in Month view so that you see the calendar dates.
  4. Find the month of the event you want to enter, and double click on the date.
  5. Fill out the entry form. If you are adding the event to more than one calendar, select the additional calendar(s) by holding down the Cntrl button and clicking the calendar name.
  6. Press the Add New Event button at the top of the page.

Delete an Event
You can delete an event if you are a Calendar Manager.

To delete an event:

  1. Display the calendar in which the event is scheduled.
  2. Click the event title to display the event's details.
  3. In the Event Details window, click Edit.

Approve an Event
When a submitted event needs your approval, the Alert icon appears in the calendar date bar. As a Calendar Manager you will also receive a notice via email that a new submission needs approval.

To approve an event:

  1. Click the Alert icon..
  2. In the Summary of Unapproved Events window, you can post or delete each event that appears. Select:
    • Post to grant approval to the event. The event will be added to each calendar for which it was submitted.
    • Don't Post to delete the event from WebEvent View.
    • The event title to display the Edit Event window in which you can modify current event settings.
    • The magnifying glass to view the submitter's name, email address, and any description text that exists.
  3. Select each event individually or click All to select all events in the Post or Delete column.
  4. Click Update to commit the events or deletions to the Calendar.
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