Chiro Games 2015 - Team Northwestern

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Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2015  Cocoa Beach, Florida

Join us for Chiro Games – an annual event for student athletes to compete in 11 sports events, socialize and build lasting friendships with future colleagues at other schools.

Dates, location

Games: Saturday, Oct. 31 - Sunday, Nov. 1
Travel dates: Thursday, Oct. 29 and Monday, Nov. 2
Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida

Informational meeting

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at Noon, L1

Final info/itinerary meeting for Team Northwestern:

October 2015 - date and time to be announced

Teams and sports events

Find out about the role of the team captain, team membership and the sports schedule for all of the Chiro Games sports events.

Who can participate?

  • You must be a currently enrolled Northwestern student
  • You must compete in an athletic event to attend and receive Student Senate funding
  • Employees and family members are not allowed to participate.


The sign-up sheet is in Student Affairs.

Missed class

Participants may miss up to 3 days of classes. The University does not recognize these days as excused absences, so you must makle arrangements with your instructor(s) ahead of time.

Transportation and hotel

All teams will travel by plane (flight details will be announced).

Sign up for your hotel room prior to departing. Four students per room. One student per room needs to give credit card number at check-in to cover incidentals.

Support Team Northwestern - make a donation!

Our students attend Chiro Games not only for the friendly competition but to forge memories and friendships that a lifetime - relationships that enhance their professional careers as well. Help support Team Northwestern through your much appreciated donation.


Cost of attendance

The cost of approximately $400 includes:

  • Entry fee: $45 (Golf: $80 per golfer)
  • Hotel: 4 nights at $117 per night (4 per room)
  • Airfare: TBD (depends on no. of students)
  • T-shirt jerseys (if needed) - approx. $20 each
  • Minus: Student Senate stipend - up to $100 (depends on no. of students)

Payment non-refundable. All checks should be made out to "NWHSU Chiro Games" and turned in to the Office of Student Affairs.

If you have questions about the event, contact:

Travis Gilbertson


McCabe Plaas

Chiro Games is hosted by the Space Coast Sports Commission and the Chiro Games Board of Directors.





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