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Tom Bergmann
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Personal Information

My initial educational focus was on the biological sciences with the goal to do graduate work in marine biology, specifically marine invertebrate zoology. Upon graduation however, I took a job teaching at the elementary school level. I went on a field trip with my six graders to National College of Chiropractic which re-ignited my interest in the biological sciences.

Of course, it required a shift in thinking from simple invertebrate animals to the most complex vertebrate animal - the human being. I also realized I really liked teaching. After completing my chiropractic education, I taught at the International College of Chiropractic which is now RMIT School of Chiropractic in Melbourne, Australia. In 1981, I came to Northwestern and taught in the chiropractic methods department as a professor. I am retired, but have returned to Northwestern to teach as an instructor in Methods 3. I have also been a faculty clinician, seeing patients in the faculty clinic.

My professional passion is all things related to the art of chiropractic, i.e., the many forms of manipulative treatment. I believe it is absolutely imperative that the profession continue to study manipulative procedures and the lesions they are intended to treat.

I am the founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal Chiropractic Technique and serve on the editorial review board of Clinical Chiropractic. I have co-authored two textbooks, Chiropractic Technique Principles and Procedures and Mechanically Assisted Manipulation: The Distraction Techniques both by Mosby Publishing. I have also served as a consultant to Medicare and as a site team member for the Council on Chiropractic Education.



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