David R. Patterson

David Patterson
Associate Clinic Faculty
Clinical Education

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

I joined Clinical Education in February 2006. As a faculty liaison, I recruit associate faculty for the Community Based Internship (CBI) and T10 Preceptorship program. I have been a clinical supervisor in the CBI Program since 2000. This personal experience provides me with the skills and insight to aid other supervising clinicians in mentoring interns.

Understanding and helpful CBI doctors are essential to the process of mentoring and teaching. The mental change from being a student to becoming a doctor in the field is a huge transition. As a CBI and T10 doctor, I have mentored more than 50 interns to make that leap.

I am in private practice with two other doctors at 50th and France Chiropractic. I have been active in Northwestern's alumni association and the American Chiropractic Association. During the 1990's, I was president of the metro-west district of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association and served on the Board of Directors. I was chairman of the Sports Injury Council for over five years. I provide seminars and workshops to a wide range of audiences concerning the treatment and prevention of stress related illnesses, sports injuries, golf fitness and performance enhancing programs.


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