Jeff Ewald

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

Over the years I have been with Northwestern, my interest, time and energy has been focused primarily on working with students in trimesters six through nine as they are introduced to the clinical environment. While mentoring them in this capacity, I monitor and assess their progress as they demonstrate their ability to practically apply the fundamental procedures, techniques and methods they learned in the College of Chiropractic core curriculum.

I also challenge students to expand their interests and skills relative to patient care, as well as to advance their critical thought processes. During their time with me in University Health Services, I prepare them for the evolving healthcare environments they will soon be entering by introducing them to the basic concepts and principals of integrated care and evidence-informed practice. 

As I continue helping interns bridge the transition from being a student in class to becoming a new intern in the clinic, it is very rewarding to observe their growing confidence and competence. I am able to watch as they strengthen and improve their interpersonal, professional and clinical skills in preparation for their next internship and, ultimately, their future careers in the profession.


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