Jodell M. Skaufel

Jodell Skaufel
Associate Professor
College of Chiropractic

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

I am interested in finding ways for students to learn outside of the traditional classroom lecture. This often involves transformational learning or the process of experience. As students go through an encounter, event or some other experience, they begin to apply what they have learned in a new way. It also challenges them to rethink previously held ideas and beliefs, not only about a subject, but also about themselves. Such experiences transform a student beyond the conceptual ideas in a textbook to reach a new level of knowledge and insight.  In the classroom I have created projects, games and other activities to promote such type of learning.

In the clinical environment, I work with students hands-on, challenging them in their clinical thought processes and skill development. As their coach, I support them in their self growth and discovery of who they are, their interests and what their abilities are. It is the challenge of experience that achieves new levels of learning.


  • Bachelor of Science - St. Cloud State University, 1989
  • Doctor of Chiropractic - NWHSU, 2007
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