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Verena VanFleet
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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

Trained as a microbiologist in a research group with a strong focus on ecology, and now teaching in the field of human health, I have developed an interest in the ecology of normal microbiota and their interaction with the human body, especially the immune system. Many factors that impact the immune system are investigated by students and presented in poster form in the class Immunology and Clinical Microbiology, a course for chiropractic students in their fourth trimester.

The biochemistry of the human body is fascinating to me when studied in minute detail. I also find it interesting when it is seen and understood in the interconnectedness of all pathways and cycles, and as the basis for physiological functions in the human body. I enjoy learning about new scientific findings and building them into the biochemistry courses if they are pertinent to the topics covered.

As an educator, I am always looking for new methods, as well as old, true and tried methods, to increase my effectiveness as a teacher and help students learn. In addition to the content objectives in my classes, I try to teach students to apply what they have learned, and hope to instill interest in research and the desire to become lifelong learners. Recently, I have become interested in how these two learning outcomes can be assessed.


  • Master of Science - University of Zurich, 1986
  • Master of Education - University of Zurich, 1991
  • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Zurich, 1994


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Van Fleet-Stalder V, Bachofen R, Chasteen TG. Using fluorine-induced chemiluminescence to detect organo-metalloids in the headspace of phototrophic bacterial cultures amended with selenium and tellurium. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology. 1998;43:193-203.

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