Faculty and Staff Directory

Name/Title Email Phone Ext. Department
Adam, Bahattin
Lecturer, Masters In Nutrition
badam@nwhealth.edu Master's in Clinical Nutrition
Albertson, Joshua
Programmer Analyst
jalbertson@nwhealth.edu 298 Information Technology
Anderson, Grace
Admissions Assistant
ganderson@nwhealth.edu 409 Admissions
Anderson-Bierma, Nancy E
Associate Clinic Faculty
nandersonbierma@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Antoine, Beth
Clinical Fellow
bantoine@nwhealth.edu 829 Sports and Rehabilitation Center
Austen, Scott E.
Biomechanics Lab Coordinator
sausten@nwhealth.edu 145 H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics
Babick-Scofield, Ruth
Associate Clinic Faculty
rbabickscofield@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Baldwin Schlotthauer, Kayla
Associate Clinic Faculty
kbaldwin@nwhealth.edu Clinical Education
Balidemaj, Festina
fbalidemaj@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Bannigan, Brendan
Vice President, Development & Leadership Gifts
bbannigan@nwhealth.edu 413 Development and Leadership Gifts
Bauer, Kayla M.
Project Coordinator
kbauer@nwhealth.edu 637 Clinical Services
Behrendt, Renate
Administrative Assistant
rbehrendt@nwhealth.edu 268 College of Chiropractic
Bell, Jennifer C.
Continuing Education Manager
jbell@nwhealth.edu 390 Continuing Education
Benjamin, Cody
Data Center & System Administrator
cbenjamin@nwhealth.edu 399 Information Technology
Beyrand, Jana M.
Patient Services Coordinator
jbeyrand@nwhealth.edu 444 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Blascyk, Nathan
Library Clerk
nblascyk@nwhealth.edu Library Services
Boone-Vikingson, Stacy
Clinical Lead
sboonevikingson@nwhealth.edu 377 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Bowman, Katie
Associate Clinic Faculty
kbowman@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Braun, Kari L. R.
Coordinator, Clinical Experience
kbraun@nwhealth.edu 367 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Brown, Gwen F.
Operations Manager
gbrown@nwhealth.edu 211 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Browne, Bessie
Bookstore Sales Assoc. & Shipping Clerk
bbrowne@nwhealth.edu 459 Bookstore
Burtis, Kassondra
Marketing & Events Coordinator
kburtis@nwhealth.edu Marketing and Strategic Communications
Bushway, Deborah
President and CEO
dbushway@nwhealth.edu 392 President's Office
Carl, Cynthia A.
Specialist, Training & Application Support
bjcarl@nwhealth.edu 188 Information Technology
Christopher, MiKayla
Accounting Assistant - A/R
mchristopher@nwhealth.edu 401 Accounting
Coleman, Maggi
Patient Services Coordinator
mcoleman@nwhealth.edu 521 DeRusha Clinic
Connell, Jennifer
Associate Clinic Faculty
jconnell@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Connelly, Thomas
Student Accounts Specialist
tconnelly@nwhealth.edu 241 Accounting
Debban, Marley
Dispensary Assistant
mdebban@nwhealth.edu Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
DeNunzio, Gregory
Clinical Coordinator, Sweere Center Biomechanics Division & Chief of Staff, The Sweere Center Clinic
gdenunzio@nwhealth.edu 250 H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics
Dick, Deborah S.
Associate Clinic Faculty
ddick@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Dittrich, Jody
Associate Clinic Faculty
Massage Therapy Programs
Dorpinghaus, Jodi M.
Assistant Professor
jdorpinghaus@nwhealth.edu 161 College of Chiropractic
Dubbels, Kate
HR Coordinator
kdubbels@nwhealth.edu 454 Human Resources
Dunt, Lisa
Associate Clinic Faculty
ldunt@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Eaton, Nicole
Enrollment Operations Analyst
neaton@nwhealth.edu Admissions
Edwards, Jakki
Chief Financial Officer
jedwards@nwhealth.edu 465 Accounting
Emanuel, Noah
Clinical Fellow
nemanuel@nwhealth.edu Sports and Rehabilitation Center
Erickson, Julie
Senior Program Coordinator
jaerickson@nwhealth.edu 584 Clinical Education
Fairbanks, Jennifer
Digital Marketing Specialist
jfairbanks@nwhealth.edu 106 Marketing and Strategic Communications
Fetsch, Christian F.
Associate Clinic Faculty
cfetsch@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Fischer, Elizabeth (Beth)
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
efischer@nwhealth.edu 164 Financial Aid
Forte, Mary
Associate Research Faculty
mforte@nwhealth.edu 144 Wolfe Harris Center for Clinical Studies
Foshang, Trevor
tfoshang@nwhealth.edu 452 College of Chiropractic
Frier, Jessica
Herbal Dispensary Manager
jfrier@nwhealth.edu 315 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Fugleberg, Joel T.
Associate Clinic Faculty
jfugleberg@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Gale, Mary
Vice President, Human Resources
mgale@nwhealth.edu 437 Human Resources
Garcia, Jason
jgarcia@nwhealth.edu Bookstore
Gellatly, Ally
Administrative Assistant
agellatly@nwhealth.edu 343 College of Chiropractic
Ghirmai, Fikremariam
fghirmai@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Greenwood, Nancy
Library Clerk
ngreenwood@nwhealth.edu Library Services
Gustafson, Aric
Technology Support Specialist
agustafson@nwhealth.edu 337 Information Technology
Hagens, Kathleen
Vice President, Marketing
khagens@nwhealth.edu 439 Marketing and Strategic Communications
Halleen, Janet E.
jhalleen@nwhealth.edu 580 Bookstore
Hanegraaf, Lori J.
Manager, Student Programs and Services
lhanegraaf@nwhealth.edu 388 Student Affairs and Alumni Services
Harris, Lisa M.
Patient Services Coordinator
lharris@nwhealth.edu 521 DeRusha Clinic
Hart, Jennifer C.
Project Management Coordinator
jhart@nwhealth.edu 147 H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics
Haug, Angela M.
ahaug@nwhealth.edu 419 Library Services
Hawkey, Gayle
Patient Services Coordinator
ghawkey@nwhealth.edu 521 DeRusha Clinic
Heafey, Lynne T.
Insurance Specialist, Senior
lheafey@nwhealth.edu 433 Clinic Billing
Healey, Dale K.
Dean, College of Health & Wellness and Interim Senior Dean, Academic & Student Affairs
dhealey@nwhealth.edu 348 College of Health & Wellness
Healy, Nancy J.
Executive Administrative Assistant
nhealy@nwhealth.edu 215 Provost's Office
Hebler, Abby
Library Clerk
Library Services
Hedeman, Brianna
Admissions Representative
bhedeman@nwhealth.edu 839 Admissions
Hendrickson, Jill
Patient Services Coordinator
jhhendrickson@nwhealth.edu Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Henriksen, Chad
Director, WorkSiteRight
chenriksen@nwhealth.edu 295 H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics
Hernandez, Eileen
Associate Clinic Faculty
ehernandez@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Hinks, Kathryn R.
Operations Associate, Admissions
khinks@nwhealth.edu 204 Admissions
Hood, Aimee J.
Financial Counselor
ahood@nwhealth.edu 408 Financial Aid
Hoover, Elizabeth
Senior Benefits Business Partner
ehoover@nwhealth.edu 170 Human Resources
Howell, Kristin
Coordinator, Academic Advisor
khowell@nwhealth.edu 472 Office of the Registrar
Howell, Monica
Librarian, Serials
mhowell@nwhealth.edu 218 Library Services
Huang, Ting
thuang@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Hudson, Scott
shudson@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Huff, Misha
Lab Coordinator
mhuff@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Huitt, Victoria L.
Associate Clinic Faculty
vhuitt@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Hutton, Lindsay
Senior Marketing Planner
lhutton@nwhealth.edu Marketing and Strategic Communications
Jansari, Vibhuti
Assistant Professor
vjansari@nwhealth.edu 475 College of Chiropractic
Johnson, Chad
Chief Information Officer
cgjohnson@nwhealth.edu 569 Information Technology
Johnson, Joan M.
Patient Services Coordinator
jmjohnson@nwhealth.edu 521 DeRusha Clinic
Johnson, Kerry L.
kjohnson@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Johnson, Mara
Conference & Marketing Coordinator
majohnson@nwhealth.edu 369 Continuing Education
Johnson, Nancy B.
Executive Administrative Assistant
njohnson@nwhealth.edu 428 President's Office
Johnson, William
Interim Senior Director of IT
wrjohnson@nwhealth.edu 247 Information Technology
Judd, Sheila
sjudd@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Kahn, Erin
Director, Admission
ekahn@nwhealth.edu 384 Admissions
Katzmarek, James
Sales Representative, WorkSiteRight
jkatzmarek@nwhealth.edu 846 H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics
Kelm, Anthony
Admissions, Senior Representative
akelm@nwhealth.edu 266 Admissions
Klarke, Jason
Library Clerk
jklarke@nwhealth.edu Library Services
Kleckner, Gail P.
Accounting Assistant - Accounts Payable
gkleckner@nwhealth.edu 134 Accounting
Klein, Andrew S.
aklein@nwhealth.edu 270 College of Chiropractic
Kluver, Alyssa C.
Patient Services Coordinator
akluver@nwhealth.edu Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Kneeskern, Scott
Creative Director
skneeskern@nwhealth.edu 844 Marketing and Strategic Communications
Knowlton-Key, Jordan
Clinical Fellow
jknowltonkey@nwhealth.edu Sports and Rehabilitation Center
Krueger, Patricia A.
Patient Services Coordinator
pkrueger@nwhealth.edu 521 DeRusha Clinic
Lantz, Merry
Associate Clinic Faculty
mlantz@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Lawyer, Becky L.
Director of Counseling and Disability Services
blawyer@nwhealth.edu 458 Student Affairs and Alumni Services
LeClair, Paul A.
pleclair@nwhealth.edu Physical Plant
Lewis, John W.
Receiving Clerk
jlewis@nwhealth.edu 207 Bookstore
Lieberman, Becky
blieberman@nwhealth.edu Accounting
Lulu, Lisa
Patient Services Coordinator
llulu@nwhealth.edu 402 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
MacDonald, Melissa
mmacdonald@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Mao, Dung
Instructional Designer
dmao@nwhealth.edu 274 Provost's Office
Marsh, Carissa R.
Operations Manager
cmarsh@nwhealth.edu 307 DeRusha Clinic
Martinjako, Michael
Project Manager
mmartinjako@nwhealth.edu 841 Academic Affairs
Maze, Joan
Dean of Students & Alumni Services
jmaze@nwhealth.edu 381 Student Affairs and Alumni Services
McCann, Thomas
Admissions, Senior Representative
tmccann@nwhealth.edu 208 Admissions
Michaelis, Jill
jmichaelis@nwhealth.edu 426 Clinical Education
Miller, Jessica
Senior Staff Accountant
jemiller@nwhealth.edu 457 Accounting
Mokamba, Lilly
Alumni Services Program Manager
lmokamba@nwhealth.edu 407 Student Affairs and Alumni Services
Monroe, Karen M.
Custodial Supervisor
kmonroe@nwhealth.edu 467 Physical Plant
Moore, Colleen A.
Associate Clinic Faculty
camoore@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Moore, Justin
Academic Technology and Services Specialist
jmoore@nwhealth.edu Information Technology
Mooring, Scott
smooring@nwhealth.edu College of Chiropractic
Nass, Catherine
Assistant Registrar
cnass@nwhealth.edu 141 Office of the Registrar
Natarajarathinam, Anusha
Assistant Professor
anatarajarathinam@nwhealth.edu Undergraduate Health Sciences
Neppl, Susan
sneppl@nwhealth.edu 387 Office of the Registrar
Newsome, Eileen
enewsome@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Niemela, Bethany
Dispensary Assistant
bniemela@nwhealth.edu Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Niewind, Rachel
rniewind@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Nordstrom, Stephen D.
Admissions, Senior Representative
snordstrom@nwhealth.edu 209 Admissions
Nyabwari, Shantal
Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Effective Analyst
snyabwari@nwhealth.edu 818 Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Olson, Susan
Coordinator, Customer Service & Records
solson@nwhealth.edu 488 Continuing Education
Ottis, Julie A.
Assistant Adjunct
jottis@nwhealth.edu 281 Massage Therapy Programs
Pascoe, Camille
Dispensary Assistant
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Patterson, David R.
Associate Clinic Faculty
dpatterson@nwhealth.edu Clinical Education
Petoe, Catherine E.
cpetoe@nwhealth.edu 258 Copy Center
Picard, Nina
Library Clerk
Library Services
Resendez, Mario
mresendez@nwhealth.edu Physical Plant
Rogers, Nadine
Senior Budget & Financial Analyst
nrogers@nwhealth.edu 455 Accounting
Roller, Rachel
rroller@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Rotter, Thomas M
Maintenance Technician
trotter@nwhealth.edu Physical Plant
Rubin, Nancy
Dean, Continuing Education & Distance Education
nrubin@nwhealth.edu 812 Continuing Education
Samstad, Karen
Director, Financial Aid
ksamstad@nwhealth.edu 379 Financial Aid
Sanchez, Dorina
Payroll Specialist
dsanchez@nwhealth.edu 173 Human Resources
Sawyer, Charles E.
Special Assistant to the President
csawyer@nwhealth.edu 470 President's Office
Schmidt, Lynn M.
Insurance Specialist
lschmidt@nwhealth.edu 245 Clinic Billing
Schoeneberger, Elizabeth A.
Sales Associate and Purchasing Assistant
eschoeneberger@nwhealth.edu 416 Bookstore
Schroeder, Amy
aschroeder@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Sellers, Jarrett
Technology Support Specialist
jsellers@nwhealth.edu Information Technology
Seton, Jonathan
Database Administrator
jseton@nwhealth.edu Information Technology
Shaw, Rebecca
Human Resources Business Partner
rshaw@nwhealth.edu 143 Human Resources
Sorensen, Reed
Enterprise Application
rsorensen@nwhealth.edu 159 Information Technology
Spees, Meghan
Dispensary Assistant
mspees@nwhealth.edu Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Stant, John R.
Maintenance Technician
jstant@nwhealth.edu 253 Physical Plant
Stark, Timothy
Human Performance Center Director
tstark@nwhealth.edu 471 Sports and Rehabilitation Center
Streit, Elizabeth
estreit@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Sundin, Alexander
Clinical Fellow
asundin@nwhealth.edu 432 Sports and Rehabilitation Center
Sweere, Joseph J.
Director, H.C. Sweere Center
jsweere@nwhealth.edu 269 H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics
Tainter, Kathren
Board & Registration Specialist
ktainter@nwhealth.edu 252 Continuing Education
Taylor, Lance
ltaylor@nwhealth.edu 258 Copy Center
Tennison, Michael
Vice President, Network Development & Clinic Administration
mtennison@nwhealth.edu 441 Clinical Services
Texeira, Misty
Adminstrative Assistant, Admissions
mtexeira@nwhealth.edu 409 Admissions
Thompson, Emily
Program Manager
emthompson@nwhealth.edu 834 H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics
Thompson, Stephen
Associate Clinic Faculty
sthompson@nwhealth.edu Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Threinen, Noni H.
nthreinen@nwhealth.edu 277 College of Chiropractic
Trinh, Nhan
Dispensary Assistant
ntrinh@nwhealth.edu Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Vainikka, RondaKae K.
Associate Clinic Faculty
rvainikka@nwhealth.edu Massage Therapy Programs
Warburton, Christine E.
cwarburton@nwhealth.edu 256 Library Services
Whitney, Patricia
Physical Therapist
pwhitney@nwhealth.edu 621 Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Wilde, Andrea
Associate Clinic Faculty
awilde@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Wildenauer, Jerrold R.
jwildenauer@nwhealth.edu 181 College of Chiropractic
Williams, Megan
Coordinator, Financial Services & Registrar
mwilliams@nwhealth.edu 440 Office of the Registrar
Williams, Sarah
Patient Services Coordinator, Senior
sawilliams@nwhealth.edu Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Winkel, Lynn A.
Associate Clinic Faculty
lwinkel@nwhealth.edu DeRusha Clinic
Wolpern, Kevin D.
kwolpern@nwhealth.edu 394 Physical Plant
Yang, Xianhui
xyang@nwhealth.edu 370 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Programs
Young, Sandra L.
Assistant Manager
syoung@nwhealth.edu 203 Bookstore
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