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2018 Annual Banff Ski Seminar
Banff Park Lodge, Banff, Alberta, Canada

222 Lynx Street, T0L 0C0

Feb. 24-25, 2018 - The Gut-Brain Axis in Health and Disease

Feb. 24-25, 2018
12 Hours

Saturday: 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

$259 USD which includes online access to the notes. Or pay us $25 for a printed copy (pre-order only).

Sorry we no longer accept Canadian checks.

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Why should I attend?
Join us for the 24th year at the Banff Park Lodge for our cutting-edge seminar weekend in picturesque Banff.  Included in your tuition is a reception on Saturday evening and breakfast on Sunday morning. Our new schedule will allow you to get the expert training you want in a convenient two day schedule.

Gut-brain axis is one of the most hotly debated topics in sports medicine today. Research surrounding these connections has experienced significant growth recently in the areas of incidence, assessment and recovery.  However, the jury is still out as far as the most effective protocols go.

The brain is the most nutrient-dependent, energy-dependent and stress-vulnerable organ in the body. When it’s damaged by the gut-brain axis, these treatment protocols will lead the patients on the path to recovery without any lingering symptoms.

By the end of this presentation the attendee should understand how to:

  • Integrate nutritional protocol for concussions
  • How to repair essential barriers when they are broken
  • Utilize proper concussion rehabilitation methods
  • Expertly assess intestinal and blood brain barrier dysfunctions
  • Connect gut/immune system to brain for better management of concussions
  • Identify modern lifestyle and environmental triggers that affect the gut-brain axis
  • Gain an understanding of the foundational approach to manage pain and inflammation
  • How to repair essential barriers when they are broken
  • Human microbiome effect on health and disease
  • Strategies to improve body composition and reduce obesity

Robert SilvermanRobert G. Silverman, DC, DACBN, DCBCN, MS, CCN, CNS, CSCS, CIISN, CKTP, CES, HKC, SASTM is a chiropractic doctor, clinical nutritionist and author of, “Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body,” an Amazon No. 1 bestseller in 2016. The ACA Sports Council named Dr. Silverman “Sports Chiropractor of the Year” in 2015. He also maintains a busy private practice as founder of Westchester Integrative Health Center, which specializes in the treatment of joint pain using functional nutrition along with cutting-edge, science-based, nonsurgical approaches.

Dr. Silverman is a seasoned health and wellness expert on both the speaking circuits and within the media. He has appeared on FOX News Channel, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW affiliates as well as The Wall Street Journal and NewsMax, to name a few. He was invited as a guest speaker on “Talks at Google” to discuss his current book. As a frequent published author for Dynamic Chiropractic, JACA, ACA News, Chiropractic Economics, The Original Internist and Holistic Primary Care journals, Dr. Silverman is a thought leader in his field and practice.


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