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Challenge of the Unknowns

Shades of Gray - 7 Unknowns!

Welcome to our "Shades of Gray - 7 Unknowns!" Test your radiological skills and clinical interpretation for seven "unknown" cases. Each case has three pages:

1) clinical, and initial imaging page (Please note: click on thumbnails to see a full size image of each X-ray)

2) Radiographic interpretation and differential diagnosis page.

3) Final diagnosis and discussion page.

The unknowns are in no particular order, and do not "build" on each other.

At the end of each case there are questions to test your newly acquired knowledge.

Throughout each unknown there may be audio clips within the enlarged image with added clinical information and/or further radiographic interpretation in order to have the cases "come alive".

Once you complete the course a transcript will be mailed to you from the Continuing Education Department each quarter or by request 952-885-5446


1) To add to the chiropractor's knowledge base about many different subjects via a case study format

2) To test the skills of radiographic interpretation when combined with historical and clinical information

3) Expand the thought process regarding differential diagnoses.


None applicable


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